Dubai #55: Pot of Soup

After 5 plus months here in Dubai, i haven’t had much spare time to touch any cooking utensils nor stepped into the kitchen at all! It’s not just busyness but lack of extra energy was the reason, i do envy some colleagues of mine that go all out to dine indoors regularly.

I’ve been asked and teased many times about my cooking skills or am i that lazy or at least make an effort… So being sorta drained by their questions, and of course i so very miss home-cooked soups plus with recent food poisoning i needed something soupy in my diet, i took initiative to drop by the nearest supermarket and bought a medium-sized pot, chopping board, fresh veggies, chicken drumsticks and cutleries.

The idea is to cook something simple for starters: Chop up all veggies, wash the chicken and plonk it all in! My favourite ABC/ Chicken soup!

Hubs and i was so very burpy!

Not sure when i’ll be dishing another meal out, but i’m now quite keen to find ‘One-Pot Meals’ recipes. This pot cost me Dhs 72! Gotta make best use of it eh?!

If you do know any beef/ chicken stew or One-Pot Meals recipes to share, email me! Would love to make time for stewing soon.


Chicken and Green Beans Stir-Fry

This dish is best cooked with pork, but couldn’t source for pork especially in the city, so therefore replaced with chicken, again.


What’s in it:
Minced ginger, red capsicum (thinly sliced), cut chicken pieces, green beans, sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar.

Husband loved it, but i still think it needs further improvement.

Improvised Lunch

I improvised a lunch from remaining groceries in the fridge from our last dinner.
This time extra ingredients was added: carrots and olives.   

Loved the extra dose of colour!

Stir-Fry BBQ Honey Chicken with Pasta

Cooked up my own little creation for dinner.


What’s in it:
Marinated chicken breast (cut to pieces), onions, chopped garlic, beans, pinch of salt and baby tomatoes. Easy.

Turned out very tasty!

Ooh… Mum’s Dishes



Simple yet addictive in taste!

Something Chicken Dinner Meal

I titled ‘something’ because i forgot the proper dish name cooked by my husband. Guess i was too busy waiting to eat…

What’s hidden under the thick sauce? 
It’s chicken fillets, potatoes, carrots and onions all chopped up, stir-fried together and then simmer together with the sauce. It was edibly yum! *smiles*


Chicken/ ABC Soup With Macaroni

Why is it named ‘ABC’ soup? Well it’s because everything (onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, chicken/ pork ribs/ potatoes) are all dumped in together and then leave it to boil for 2-3 hours. Easy as ABC.

Had bad tummy today, so stayed home and decided to cook this for dinner.


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