3D Sketches- Kitchen Ideas (1)

Here i am at it again, sketching out loud my dream kitchen, paper after paper…


Neat lines, clutter-free and maintenance friendly are my wants in a kitchen, haven’t really thought about the colour scheme though.

Maybe neutral with a dash of red??

Many more ideas coming up!


A Short-Term Housewife, Maybe??

I’ve been pondering for some months now about being a housewife (short-term basis) while we’re here. The husband has been dropping suggestions that he’s happy to have me at home doing my own things, running chores, dishing up his fave foods and other wifey tasks. And even IF i chose not to, he’ll still be contented about it.

Truth is, I’m willing to settle at home for awhile… A tiny breather away from ANY work-related commitments is a definite way to cleanse those dusty brain cells of mine!

As of 2002-2010 the ambitious willful me have been – day and night, month after month -chasing my ‘perfect’ career, and it ain’t easy letting all go. Even for a short period of time. A designer’s salary range depreciates when he/she takes a break, a 6-8 months break is all it takes and you’re back to three quarters –of 8 years- years’ wages. This fact was based on my last research back in 2008. Not sure about 2010 onwards.

And of course I will miss my monthly paychecks for my own personal spending and savings. Though I have an option of either, I’m not even sure which is for the better. But I’m flattered to know that I get to stay home full-time – temporarily – whenever I choose to.

So if I lose/ resign my job any day, I’m thankful that I’ve learnt to place family/friends/church/personal life first.

Ohhh… I suddenly love how unpredictable my life is!

Sketching Days I Miss…

I think the last i held my fave Artline pen sketching away, was a year ago. Since being in my current job, producing modern and practical interior designs are not required of me, it’s mostly technical drawings -using Autocad software- and actively running the site supervising.

Yes, i missed those sketching days… It made me wonder if i’ve forgotten how to. You see, a year of sketch-less days (for me) tends to cause trendy ideas to go rusty!
As a designer, one has to constantly practice his/her sketches, read and absorb updated interior books/ magazines, who’s and what’s popular in the Interior Design world, attend exhibitions to further increase his/her knowledge and more.

Well you’ve guessed it. I havent been doing the above for nearly 2 years! So, the mouldy designer – me – began her practicing by sketching up some bathroom designs yesterday.


Oh dear, rusty indeed!

FYI, i rarely do residential designs, in my 8 years as an Interior Designer, i’ve always been exposed to commercial/retails/offices projects and i’m still liking it so far. I (IMO) find commercial spaces far more interesting to play around with.

The ONE time i will focus working on a residential project is designing my own home, someday. The joy of picking out fabrics, colours, themes… In my own sweet time…


It will cost me ALOT of monies to build this dream!
Hmm… mayhaps this will be one of my many retirement plans.

Dubai EatOuts #144: NOODLE FACTORY

Okay, my Thai eat-and-review plan changed. Wasn’t that energized to explore much today.

So instead, i decided on NOODLE FACTORY to satisfy my noodle soup cravings. This is our fourth time lunching here… And i’m still addicted to their tasty Asian menu! 
On my first NOODLE FACTORY eat-and-review, we had Indo Nasi Goreng and M’sian Char Kwoey Teow.


This time we had:
1 Wanton Soup
1 Still Water (to share)
1 Egg Noodles with Lemongrass and Chicken
1 Banana Fritters (to share)!

Total bill was Dhs105, another worth-spending eatout.

Location: Dubai Mall (Grd level)

It’s Tuesday!

I LOVE Tuesdays because it’s half-way through the week (as per UAE’s weekly calender). Phweet!

Hmm, a warm stiff day to plan what to eat-and-review this weekend.

Just Random Me

Here i am posing happy about our upsy-daisy life in recent years. Blissful in ways i casually imagined, hopeful thoughts, treasured memories of the many subtle blessings that bloomed our circumstances -for the better- and, thinking out loud about kids and all that.


Btw, here’s an updated photo of my new hair-cut! Loving the short bangs all over again…

Dubai EatOuts #140: CARLUCCIO’S

This weekend i wanted to try something different for breakfast, well, ain’t much of a difference really.
Instead of the usual typical western menu/ setting, hubs and i decided on the newly opened Italian restaurant/cafe in Mirdif City Centre.
Carluccio’s known to be the ideal place to relax and enjoy their authentic foods.

The second I stepped in, i was so keen on their minimalist interior. Crisp and neat, and service was good as expected.


Hubs ordered the Colazione Magnifica (Scrambled eggs with grilled pancetta, sauteed mushroons, tomato and toasted bread. Coffee or tea and a fruit juice) and i picked the Uova E Funghi (Free range scrambled eggs with sauteed mushroons on toasted bread). The bill came to Dhs 85.
Location: Mirdif City Centre (Mirdif)

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