Hello Thursday!

Happy Thursday people! Can’t believe weekend’s tomorrow… Sorta glad this stiff week skipped by without much fuss.

I was about to snuggle into my Thursday when, the many (usual)oogling perverts dampened my cheery mood!
You walk by them, they stare, you cross the road, they oogle… Argh!!

Sadly, it’s ‘normal’ here to be stared/ oogled at wherever you go, even when I’m decently dressed! Such filthy behaviour! My guess is they have never seen an average looking woman in their life… Tragic.

Though many wouldn’t mind the stares, I SO mind! Btw, there’s a difference between a quick glimpse and oogle alright, I KNOW how to differentiate.

And I’m wondering if anyone can be sued for visual harassment??

Oh, IF only I was ‘allowed’ to stab their eyeballs from afar!

Thursdays… Aaah.

Dubai EatOuts #144: NOODLE FACTORY

Okay, my Thai eat-and-review plan changed. Wasn’t that energized to explore much today.

So instead, i decided on NOODLE FACTORY to satisfy my noodle soup cravings. This is our fourth time lunching here… And i’m still addicted to their tasty Asian menu! 
On my first NOODLE FACTORY eat-and-review, we had Indo Nasi Goreng and M’sian Char Kwoey Teow.


This time we had:
1 Wanton Soup
1 Still Water (to share)
1 Egg Noodles with Lemongrass and Chicken
1 Banana Fritters (to share)!

Total bill was Dhs105, another worth-spending eatout.

Location: Dubai Mall (Grd level)

It’s Tuesday!

I LOVE Tuesdays because it’s half-way through the week (as per UAE’s weekly calender). Phweet!

Hmm, a warm stiff day to plan what to eat-and-review this weekend.

The Macbook Topic, Again.

So, the husband talked about chipping in (with a wide grin) to help me own a Macbook! I’m all smiles.

Hmm, more of a quick solution to irk me off his much-loved laptop, which i’ve been fiercely using for blog updates and net surfing.

When am i buying one? I’ve yet to decide.

Dubai EatOuts #143: MAMMA OLIVA

Here we are off to lunch at the newly opened MAMMA OLIVA  – a Milanese restaurant – at Festival City mall. The promotional advertorial article i read (featured in Timeoutdubai) boasts about its unpretentious quality of food. So here i am trying it out.

As expected, service was prompt and friendly. Good pizza and pasta selections, liking their table decorations and the woody interior made lunch light and relax.


Inclusive of 25% discount, the bill came to Dhs 120.
Location: Dubai Festival City (Ikea), Festival City.

Dubai EatOuts #142: MANNALAND

Thanks to an ex-colleague, i got to know this Korean eatout known for their rich and flavourful foods! The must to order any KimChi-related dishes/soups whenever you dine at a Korean place is unavoidable.

What i love about this claustrophobic restaurant is that they serve PORK! Mm!
And don’t be deceived by their shabby looking facade/ interior, as they easily attract crowds (mostly Koreans/ Asians) during weekends and weeknights.


We ordered:
1 BBQ Marinated Pork
1 Kimchi Tofu/Seafood (Hotpot) Soup
2 bowls of rice
1 Onion and Seafood Pancake
1 Large bottle of water
Complimentary pickled/fresh appetizers

Total bill was Dhs120. Worth it!

So if you’re craving for some Korean, do check out cosy Mannaland for an exotic treat.

Oh wait, the only downside is exiting the restaurant smelling like a BBQ stove!

Location: Mina Road, Satwa (beside Capitol Hotel)

Thoughts of CNY 2011 Holidays

Okay. Yeah, i was recently posting about our upcoming December holidays and here i am thinking ambitiously about Chinese New Year celebration back home in Kuala Lumpur with family/ relatives.
Pekish thoughts about roasted pig skins, mandarin oranges, pork/chicken floss, plates of home-cooked dishes, and large bowls of herbal soups!
Oh, the fun of giving out ang pows to my singleton (regardless of age) cousins, and stuffing myself fat with festive cookies…

You see, as of Jan 2009, i’ve missed two CNYs. And mom’s been dropping our-new-guestroom-is-ready-for-CNY hints yesterday. So… We’re VERY tempted!

Once our Christmas holidays (In Sydney) are settled, will surely update if we’re travelling home again on Feb 2011. It’s still a doable plan, but it all boils down to how my work schedule and contract tie in with the holidays.

Ah well…

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