Tickets to Aust Booked!

We found (compared to other major airlines) the lowest flight prices to Sydney, I couldn’t stop pouncing when we saw the sudden reduced -by Dhs2000- fares just minutes ago! I swore it read Dhs13190 this morning! Love Emirates Air to bits!
I’m glad the bookings (2 adults return, 16hrs direct to Syd) are settled.

Countdown to December begins now…

Thoughts of CNY 2011 Holidays

Okay. Yeah, i was recently posting about our upcoming December holidays and here i am thinking ambitiously about Chinese New Year celebration back home in Kuala Lumpur with family/ relatives.
Pekish thoughts about roasted pig skins, mandarin oranges, pork/chicken floss, plates of home-cooked dishes, and large bowls of herbal soups!
Oh, the fun of giving out ang pows to my singleton (regardless of age) cousins, and stuffing myself fat with festive cookies…

You see, as of Jan 2009, i’ve missed two CNYs. And mom’s been dropping our-new-guestroom-is-ready-for-CNY hints yesterday. So… We’re VERY tempted!

Once our Christmas holidays (In Sydney) are settled, will surely update if we’re travelling home again on Feb 2011. It’s still a doable plan, but it all boils down to how my work schedule and contract tie in with the holidays.

Ah well…

Visiting In-Laws During Christmas

After some net browsings, i noticed the flight rates direct to Sydney has reduced by 10% during mid Dec! Woopeee!

I quickly filled up my leave  (2 weeks) form and HOPING it will be approved… Good news please. Good news please. Good news please…

Search for Cheaper Flight Tickets!

Hubs and i are starting to plan our NSW holiday to visit his family again… Exciting! Due to my previous insane workload, we couldn’t do our yearly Christmas with the in-laws last year. Now that it’s June 2010, which means it’s been 16 months since we last saw family, it sure made the husband edgy and frustrated!

We’re thinking of flying in mid-Aug, away from the summer and Ramadan/fasting season, OR tolerate longer for Christmas gatherings in December… *drools*

Thing is, most airlines (MAS, SIA, Emirates) that flies direct to Sydney costs at least AED11000 in Dec (return) for 2 adults, pricey!

Anyways, i’m glad we can easily afford it, and to spend this much travelling once within 2 years, it’s definitely worthwhile seeing loved ones!

Ooh, can’t wait to scout more on the prices and splurge!!

M’sia #10: Day Ten Food Post

Because we were uber busy eating & chatting with friends and family nightly during our 10 days holiday, my darling mom didn’t have time to homecook for us. Sobs!!

But she managed to brew my much liked lotus soup (in Chinese: Lingau Tong) during lunch today!! Love her to bits!!



M’sia #08: Day Seven Food Post

I was delighted when a friend introduced me to this Korean restaurant just 10 mins away from our hotel. Jung Won is located at Jalan Ampang Hilir (Behind Sayfol International School). Totally loved their BBQ Pork and the Ginseng Soup!

Though we came out smelling like BBQ Pork, it was all worth it.


Right after the Korean meal, she took me to a new F&B restaurant/bar called TERRACE for more coffee chat. Love the quiet soothing ambience. Will surely go back to try their cocktails/mocktails when i’m back in this country.

TERRACE address: 241-B Lorong Nibong, off Jalan Ampang
Behind Hock Choon Supermarket.
Opposite SuCasa Hotel.

It was a burpylicious day!!

* Top left entrance photo taken from google images.
*TERRACE facade photo taken from their website (


April Re-Applied Leave Approved!

Yes my second time round leave application been approved!! Double yippeeyay!

We should be back in KL from 4th – 12th April (about 8 days). And as always camping into a hotel.

Look forward to homecooked meals, mamaks and lots more! *beams*

Re-Applied Leave

I excitedly re-applied my leave for April! I hope this time I CAN head home!


Dubai #102:Happy 2010!

As of Sept, time flew by ever so quickly.
Where it went? Work of course.

But it just feels fabulous when a new year is right at our doorstep in few hours! New beginnings, new dreams, visions and goals we yearn to achieve.

2010 will be a year for hubs and i to really sit down and ponder on WHERE (which continent) and WHEN to settle down. As we both pray and seek continually… Time will tell.

In the meantime, we look forward to chill together with our blessings, and hopefully, away from the hustle bustle of city life as much as we can.

So much to look forward to!



A Season to be MERRY!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all readers out there! May this season bring much joy and peace!

Dubai #95: UAE Public Holidays

A long Eid weekend holiday in UAE too. I was super glad for this as it purely means no work but rest, rest and more rest. Before i could leap with hooray… Was called back to work.

I just got home and at the same time my weary eyeballs are showing signs of dehydration! Argh.

Was a good day overall at work i would say, but lack of sleep doesn’t do me much good recently.

At least tomorrow, i get to enjoy some me time. Maybe more shopping therapy tomorrow…


Leave Applied Part 1

Leave for Jan was approved yesterday, BUT only for 5 days! Surely too tight for even a decent holiday, as again better than none at all!

After much thought, we may end up celebrating CNY in Feb with family back in KL afterall… As i can’t take 2 long leave within the same year, i had to choose one. So CNY option it is…