The Overdued Gynae Post

Oh, for those wondering what’s the status of my last gynae visit , it turned out good. No signs of cyst, whatsoever. Clean.

As for the other troublesome check-ups… Well i’m not so bothered. However/ whatever happens, it’s for a blessed reason. *wink*


Wants A Haircut. Now!

I SO NEED a haircut now! Since mid-May my scalp was sweaty and greasy every 2 days due to summer! Icky, itchy and uncomfortable, i was born with THICK bushy hair i love, but isn’t a blessing in this heat!

Can’t wait to find ONE solid free weekend to chop my locks off…

THIS… Will be my summer rant TIL it’s done.


Summer is Here

I remembered complaining last year about how i dislike summer in UAE, and upon entering my second summer here, i’m still hating it!

Now’s the time to commence moisturizer and sunscreen shopping.
Did i mention that dry skin develops all over my nose during this dry and heaty season? Peel, Ick, Peel!!

Being Healthy

I’m rarely conscious about my health, eating any type of foods ranging from oily burgers to salty dishes, not even bothering it’s preservatives, cholesterol or fats contents!

When i noticed my growing belly fat (or muffin top) around my tummy the past year, i couldn’t help BUT start being aware. Lately, salads are my breakfast faves, average carbo lunch and ending the day with a light dinner (less rice/ carbo/ meats). Weekends are the only days where i get to enjoy heavier meaty diets.

Just last month, grapefruits has been my new-found diet fruit, it has helped increase my metabolism, reduce constipation and indigestion. I also read that grapefruit is good for detoxing… So here i am hoping it’ll detox all those icky fats in me!

Image from Gettyimages.

Let’s see how long i can survive on this diet plan of mine. *wink*

M’sia #10: Day Ten Food Post

Because we were uber busy eating & chatting with friends and family nightly during our 10 days holiday, my darling mom didn’t have time to homecook for us. Sobs!!

But she managed to brew my much liked lotus soup (in Chinese: Lingau Tong) during lunch today!! Love her to bits!!



M’sia #04: Foodie Post Two

Here we are eating again with my family, at one of our FAVE seafood/crab restaurants located at Ampang. This place Mei Keng Fatt is well known among caucasians/expats and locals for it’s seafood, especially the crabs, REASONABLY priced too!

We ordered different dishes to share, 2 types of vege, Sweet & Sour Crabs, Stir Fried Ginger Bullfrog, Man Tao buns to go with the crabs and Pork Stew with Preserved Vege


It was delicious all over again!

Upcoming Gynae Visit Here

So, I manage to find time and squeeze in an appointment with the gynae next week!
Other than getting my internals checked, a good time to ask as many questions about conception/ pregnancy related matters and most importantly if I’m healthy enough to start a family.
Silly as it sounds, but I can go on worrying or concern about this and that UNTIL I hear it from the doc myself.

I hope she’ll be a good doc I can keep going back to, while I’m here.

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