The Overdued Gynae Post

Oh, for those wondering what’s the status of my last gynae visit , it turned out good. No signs of cyst, whatsoever. Clean.

As for the other troublesome check-ups… Well i’m not so bothered. However/ whatever happens, it’s for a blessed reason. *wink*

Wants A Haircut. Now!

I SO NEED a haircut now! Since mid-May my scalp was sweaty and greasy every 2 days due to summer! Icky, itchy and uncomfortable, i was born with THICK bushy hair i love, but isn’t a blessing in this heat!

Can’t wait to find ONE solid free weekend to chop my locks off…

THIS… Will be my summer rant TIL it’s done.


Summer is Here

I remembered complaining last year about how i dislike summer in UAE, and upon entering my second summer here, i’m still hating it!

Now’s the time to commence moisturizer and sunscreen shopping.
Did i mention that dry skin develops all over my nose during this dry and heaty season? Peel, Ick, Peel!!

Being Healthy

I’m rarely conscious about my health, eating any type of foods ranging from oily burgers to salty dishes, not even bothering it’s preservatives, cholesterol or fats contents!

When i noticed my growing belly fat (or muffin top) around my tummy the past year, i couldn’t help BUT start being aware. Lately, salads are my breakfast faves, average carbo lunch and ending the day with a light dinner (less rice/ carbo/ meats). Weekends are the only days where i get to enjoy heavier meaty diets.

Just last month, grapefruits has been my new-found diet fruit, it has helped increase my metabolism, reduce constipation and indigestion. I also read that grapefruit is good for detoxing… So here i am hoping it’ll detox all those icky fats in me!

Image from Gettyimages.

Let’s see how long i can survive on this diet plan of mine. *wink*

M’sia #10: Day Ten Food Post

Because we were uber busy eating & chatting with friends and family nightly during our 10 days holiday, my darling mom didn’t have time to homecook for us. Sobs!!

But she managed to brew my much liked lotus soup (in Chinese: Lingau Tong) during lunch today!! Love her to bits!!



M’sia #04: Foodie Post Two

Here we are eating again with my family, at one of our FAVE seafood/crab restaurants located at Ampang. This place Mei Keng Fatt is well known among caucasians/expats and locals for it’s seafood, especially the crabs, REASONABLY priced too!

We ordered different dishes to share, 2 types of vege, Sweet & Sour Crabs, Stir Fried Ginger Bullfrog, Man Tao buns to go with the crabs and Pork Stew with Preserved Vege


It was delicious all over again!

Upcoming Gynae Visit Here

So, I manage to find time and squeeze in an appointment with the gynae next week!
Other than getting my internals checked, a good time to ask as many questions about conception/ pregnancy related matters and most importantly if I’m healthy enough to start a family.
Silly as it sounds, but I can go on worrying or concern about this and that UNTIL I hear it from the doc myself.

I hope she’ll be a good doc I can keep going back to, while I’m here.

What I’ve Been Up To?

One. I was spending minimal precious time with my husband.
Two. Work as usual, extreme demanding milestones/weekly timelines including 2 night shifts per week.
Three. Squeezing time for church service, when possible.
Four. Catching up on lost sleep (which i’m still losing).
Five. De-stressing with Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo DS.
Six. Focusing on my new pre-pregnancy diet plan.

Still enjoying the luxury bits, especially being debt-free for 2.5 years now!

Btw, i now take interest in parenting/ pregnancy magazines.

Time to ditch those fashion/shopping mags? Nah… Not just yet.

Dubai #103: A Year Older and Much More

Just got back from our apartment pool deck (Level 8) to watch the launch of the tallest skyscraper Burj Dubai. Beautiful fireworks! Nope, didn’t have my camera with me.

                      Image from Gulfnews

In few hours, i’ll turn 27, and most importantly, our 2nd wedding anniversary!! In depth to this special date 5th Jan, hubs decided to have our wedding held during my birthday, it simply means DOUBLE celebration for us… Well more of HIM splurging on us!

This year it was both up and downhill ride for us, drowning problems together, sieving out our differences and remembering to give in and forgive at ALL times.

As for my age, well… A year older is no whiner, still enjoying the before-you-hit-30-phase  and loving the blessings/opportunities that’s poured in my life.

Look forward to my secret birthday lunch and present from hubs!

A Tiring Day!

Friday became a compulsory partial working day as of yesterday. It wasn’t only tiring but my recent off on sprained knee frustrated any leg movement! That includes walking!
Needing to walk at site (must for my job) daily, it’s not possible to take much time off JUST to rest my knee.. Well it isn’t in it’s worse condition.. Oh sigh! Walking slooow will still do me good.

Other than work, Avatar movie was an adventurous watch! Love the graphical details and script!

Waiting to own the original DVD soon.

It’s Throat Infection

the doctor says.
Doesn’t sound serious to many, but it is to me, having to suffer most nights (for one week) coughing and swallowing down the sorest throat i’ve ever had! And i RARELY inhale so much dust/dirt in my whole 26 years on earth…  Spending 9 months daily(at least 7 hours) in this construction warzone says alot about throat infection and it’s after affects.
What’s worse, is being freaked out at the dark army green phlegm (first time) out of my mouth!

Main cause? Long hours at the construction site is enough to kill any human throat, really. Wearing the safety mask don’t help much, so yeah, the consequences of working in the construction industry is staring right at me.

Key advice to myself: No more heavy construction after this project. The longer i’m willing to do this, the shorter my health. Honestly.

For now, more tolerance and additional meds to consume… Sigh!!

Dubai #95: UAE Public Holidays

A long Eid weekend holiday in UAE too. I was super glad for this as it purely means no work but rest, rest and more rest. Before i could leap with hooray… Was called back to work.

I just got home and at the same time my weary eyeballs are showing signs of dehydration! Argh.

Was a good day overall at work i would say, but lack of sleep doesn’t do me much good recently.

At least tomorrow, i get to enjoy some me time. Maybe more shopping therapy tomorrow…


Fridays we Unwind

Just sitting back with an ice-blended, reading materials (newspapers/ book) and my hubs, is enough for my mind to unwind and be still… All the hustle going on at work and in this city is enough to cause any man to act insane!
I love this stillness, quietness, being together doing our own very thing…


With great careers we both now achieved… I’m ever grateful!

When Life Throws You Lemons…

You make lemonade. But not in my situation, most times.
Life has been grimey months ago, and recently, bitter lemons were thrown back with a smash!
It’s all sunny now, the light (i yearned) at the end of our tunnel is beginning to shine beamingly. With hubs new sparkling career, the upcoming journey ahead is crispier. May be exciting too!

But wearily, the sight of an insane labour environment is stuck onto me til my patience gradually fades off… When will that be? Soon I ask.

As I continue to pray and seek fervently, I look towards hope and joy each day. Loving what lies in front of me.

Decisions decisions.

Dubai #77: Rising Heat!!

Based on current summer temperature stated in, the realfeel temperature today is 49 Degrees!

It’s no wonder my head went brain-fried the moment i step outside! Realfeel weather forecast information has been reliable so far.
To physically feel 50 degrees outdoors/ at site is utterly skinsick!

Still need to tolerate until Oct… Sigh!!

I Want…

To make a baby/ babies! That’s how much I felt desired to for some weeks now…
My brain says ready but my heart disagrees, the ‘yes’ ‘no’ keeps knocking repeatedly…
Some say, “why wait til you’re so settled? Many out there didn’t save millions then have kids.. ” and such.

Yes I know and can’t deny that. Easy to say but not do, for me that is. I’ve only managed to erase the ‘must achieve my dreams before I settle down’ goals to fixing my heart on family and relational growth.
All the recent various challenges we’ve been put to test was straining and indeed made us stronger and wiser. It was, at the end of the day, for my own good. Silly me.

I hope my heart and mind mutually agrees to motherhood real soon.

Must be my ovaries typing this…

Dubai #75: First H1N1 Death in UAE

The local paper today published a death of an elderly man. He had flu symptoms with inflamming chest pains.
Death cases has been rare so far, due to well controlled health system/ awareness here.

When this happens to where we are residing it can be worrying, but at the same time am not allowing it to control my daily life. Instead, to ensure we take heed of symptoms and protect our health while we can.

Dubai #74: Ramadan Dos & Don’ts in UAE

DON’T dance or sing in public at any time. Most major nightclubs will be shut, but bars will generally be open after 7pm. There is also no live music.
DON’T smoke, drink, chew gum or eat in public during fasting hours, even in your car. It’s seen as offensive, and could get you jailed or fined.
DON’T swear in public. It is considered insulting.
DON’T play loud music at any time in your car, on the beach or even at home.
DON’T wear revealing or tight clothes in public. This includes heading for a night out.


This is my first time encountering strict rules during Ramadan, being born a Malaysian, it’s not easy for a non-muslim like me to adapt. But on the hindside it is surely a great way to self-control the above. Back home, eating in public, etc was never a problem, the tolerance was superb, so long we don’t delibrately tempt our Muslim friends/ colleagues.

There are 2 Don’ts which i will have an issue adapting, the eating/ drinking and wearing tight clothes rule. With this extreme 40+ degrees summer, it quite tough to not avoid wearing at least a short sleeve tee.
I have yet to find out if some restaurants are opened during weekends to allow us to at least munch on some desserts or lunch while shopping. Maybe they’ll screen off customers away from the public or something.
Most restaurants are opened for home deliveries and take-aways.

More home meals and eating indoors for next few weeks…

Next up is to find out if we are allowed to enjoy popcorn while heading to the cinemas.
Anywho, as expats in this land not of our own, it is best to avoid trouble upon ourselves.

Oh! And i get lesser working hours as of tomorrow. Yay to this! But it’s just 2 hours lesser than my usual 10hrs! Hmm, better than no cut back at all…

It’s Been Quiet…

It will be quiet in here for the next few days or so, due to lack of decent sleep, energy and more workload. I’m now taking this time to refresh my energy and mind as much while i can.
Meantime… I’m learning to enjoy the minimal time -both social and personal-  i get to spend in between work and weekends.

I’ve got loads to write… Gotta wait till i’m freshen up soon!

What’s Next?

Not sure, but there may be a surprise or two or a little miracle we are waiting. But as the days/ months go by, time and continuous hope will tell what’s in store for us.

Who knows, it might be a drastic change/ situation/ blessing we still seek and, well…. Wait.

The waiting clock begins…

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