A Short-Term Housewife, Maybe??

I’ve been pondering for some months now about being a housewife (short-term basis) while we’re here. The husband has been dropping suggestions that he’s happy to have me at home doing my own things, running chores, dishing up his fave foods and other wifey tasks. And even IF i chose not to, he’ll still be contented about it.

Truth is, I’m willing to settle at home for awhile… A tiny breather away from ANY work-related commitments is a definite way to cleanse those dusty brain cells of mine!

As of 2002-2010 the ambitious willful me have been – day and night, month after month -chasing my ‘perfect’ career, and it ain’t easy letting all go. Even for a short period of time. A designer’s salary range depreciates when he/she takes a break, a 6-8 months break is all it takes and you’re back to three quarters –of 8 years- years’ wages. This fact was based on my last research back in 2008. Not sure about 2010 onwards.

And of course I will miss my monthly paychecks for my own personal spending and savings. Though I have an option of either, I’m not even sure which is for the better. But I’m flattered to know that I get to stay home full-time – temporarily – whenever I choose to.

So if I lose/ resign my job any day, I’m thankful that I’ve learnt to place family/friends/church/personal life first.

Ohhh… I suddenly love how unpredictable my life is!

Tickets to Aust Booked!

We found (compared to other major airlines) the lowest flight prices to Sydney, I couldn’t stop pouncing when we saw the sudden reduced -by Dhs2000- fares just minutes ago! I swore it read Dhs13190 this morning! Love Emirates Air to bits!
I’m glad the bookings (2 adults return, 16hrs direct to Syd) are settled.

Countdown to December begins now…

Thoughts of CNY 2011 Holidays

Okay. Yeah, i was recently posting about our upcoming December holidays and here i am thinking ambitiously about Chinese New Year celebration back home in Kuala Lumpur with family/ relatives.
Pekish thoughts about roasted pig skins, mandarin oranges, pork/chicken floss, plates of home-cooked dishes, and large bowls of herbal soups!
Oh, the fun of giving out ang pows to my singleton (regardless of age) cousins, and stuffing myself fat with festive cookies…

You see, as of Jan 2009, i’ve missed two CNYs. And mom’s been dropping our-new-guestroom-is-ready-for-CNY hints yesterday. So… We’re VERY tempted!

Once our Christmas holidays (In Sydney) are settled, will surely update if we’re travelling home again on Feb 2011. It’s still a doable plan, but it all boils down to how my work schedule and contract tie in with the holidays.

Ah well…

Visiting In-Laws During Christmas

After some net browsings, i noticed the flight rates direct to Sydney has reduced by 10% during mid Dec! Woopeee!

I quickly filled up my leave  (2 weeks) form and HOPING it will be approved… Good news please. Good news please. Good news please…

The Overdued Gynae Post

Oh, for those wondering what’s the status of my last gynae visit , it turned out good. No signs of cyst, whatsoever. Clean.

As for the other troublesome check-ups… Well i’m not so bothered. However/ whatever happens, it’s for a blessed reason. *wink*

Search for Cheaper Flight Tickets!

Hubs and i are starting to plan our NSW holiday to visit his family again… Exciting! Due to my previous insane workload, we couldn’t do our yearly Christmas with the in-laws last year. Now that it’s June 2010, which means it’s been 16 months since we last saw family, it sure made the husband edgy and frustrated!

We’re thinking of flying in mid-Aug, away from the summer and Ramadan/fasting season, OR tolerate longer for Christmas gatherings in December… *drools*

Thing is, most airlines (MAS, SIA, Emirates) that flies direct to Sydney costs at least AED11000 in Dec (return) for 2 adults, pricey!

Anyways, i’m glad we can easily afford it, and to spend this much travelling once within 2 years, it’s definitely worthwhile seeing loved ones!

Ooh, can’t wait to scout more on the prices and splurge!!

Too Many Choices

When we’re given a plate of choices, fickle-mindedness -that leads to procrastination- creeps in, all because of waiting for the RIGHT timing to pen down a final decision. Funny how sometimes my mind and faith in life is squished within the box.
Think OUT of the box Elaine!!

I can be cautious, too cautious to stand bold on a major decision, for instance, starting a family. I ponder too much, sat on the plan for one year and has YET to make it happen. And btw, I’m 27! Eeks!
It is a scary thought to know that the big Three O is near…

Just DO IT! They’ll say…

So what am I waiting for?? Like many, things I want to achieve… Just two more items on my must-do list, then it’ll be all good. *wink*

Assurance and faith I’m blessed with, but it’s me I’ve got to convince.

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