Dubai #141: 18 Months Crawled By

Time crawled by for us since we stepped foot onto Dubai. Experiencing it’s ups and downs on both my career and life in general was, somewhat challenging in an upbeat way.

Firstly, the necessity to learn and adjust to another’s culture and their behaviours can be awkward initially, but interesting at the same time.
A chunk of my site-supervision job scope is to coordinate with contractors and Engineers of different nationalities/ races. Back home, it was either Chinese, Malays, Indians or Indonesians. Over here, i had to communicate with various citizens from Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Iraq, Syria, Philipines, Britain, Morocco… Basically the ‘entire’ globe working together to complete this relatively large project!

If you didn’t already know, Dubai is a city filled with expats of numerous countries. Therefore it is vastly common to discuss/ chat/ dine/ work with professionals coming from different parts of the world. Career exposure-worthy indeed, I’m SO thankful for!

Secondly, as of last Sept 2009, the husband has been working amazingly well in his field with an European company, a fruitful pay package/ benefits, an understanding Danish boss and the flexiblity to express his creative ideas anytime. A dream job he always craved. Mmmm… Blessings in such times like this…

And lastly, being able to enjoy married life in this bling city, alone, has increased our love and trust in each other to the next level. Yes, i’m happily married to a humble, un-flashy, steady man!

In fact, i’m happy to repeat how I’m loving our blessed, favoured -not overly wealthy- life… To some point of not wanting to leave Dubai anytime soon.

Here’s a note to self, every circumstance/ trial happens -In God’s timing- for a reason, and having walked through them with Godly wisdom and faith, i can’t help but praise Him deeper!

Just Random Me

Here i am posing happy about our upsy-daisy life in recent years. Blissful in ways i casually imagined, hopeful thoughts, treasured memories of the many subtle blessings that bloomed our circumstances -for the better- and, thinking out loud about kids and all that.


Btw, here’s an updated photo of my new hair-cut! Loving the short bangs all over again…

Visiting In-Laws During Christmas

After some net browsings, i noticed the flight rates direct to Sydney has reduced by 10% during mid Dec! Woopeee!

I quickly filled up my leave  (2 weeks) form and HOPING it will be approved… Good news please. Good news please. Good news please…

Oh My Head Hurts!

With so much recent drama at work, i couldn’t help feeling brain heavy!

I’m glad weekend is here, which helps -at the least- to reduce unecessary fretting and concerns. Hmmph…
I seriously hope this dramatic episode sorts itself out next week or so.

Oh, here’s today’s weather news:
Hot and heaty at 46 degrees (real feel) This increasing heat is suppose to start in July, NOT June! Tooo soon…

The Story of Us

I’ve been asked numerous times how I met my husband before we tied the knot.

Apart from our obvious differences, we liked what we found in each other.

Doug was already based (for 3 years) in Kuala Lumpur as a Lead Programmer (IT industry) in an Australian-linked M’sian company.
I on the other hand, was happily absorbing experiences as an Interior Designer struggling with nitty gritty projects.
Life, was busy and stressful within our own worlds.

What brought us together?
Religion and a similar interest in looking for a serious relationship. Month after month, we occasionally bumped into each another within the church, exchanged quick glimpses but barely pausing for a “hello, how are you” chat..

Until one sunny day, we coincidentally joined a group of friends for a short trip up in Cameron Highlands, and it was then, we had the time and opportunity to know each other casually.
Months passed… Our friendship blossomed, going out among friends, noticing each other more… The whisper of our beating hearts grew.

He finally asked me out on a date after a year… Just. Us. Alone!
Yes, it took us this long to be sure! I remembered being on cloud nine for weeks! Since the first, we’ve been dating for 2 years… Facing rocky challenges with tears and joy.

On a clear cool night on 3rd March ’07, he held the ring on his palm, bended on one knee and proposed! To add to this beautiful moment, we were dining at my favourite Italian restaurant too! I couldn’t help squealing  the whole night!

10 months after, we got married in the same church we had met.

So… Here i am, happily married to my first love… An honest, humble, gentle and loving geek.

While many assume we met online, does it matter if we’re the few that found love the good old-fashioned way? Surely not!!

Life is filled with sparkles in the Lord’s realm… Fabness!

Dubai #137: Shop&Buy- My First LV Bag!

The ONE pricey bag i’ve been admiring for a year… Is now mine!! 
Right after a refreshing church service, we went to Dubai Mall, walked chirpily into the LV store, pointed out the LV Neverfull PM Damier bag and… Ta-da!

Well, it’s my first BIG splurge, so do tolerate my cheery behaviour for a teeny bit…


I love how the bag could switch one size smaller by tightening the strings at both ends.

But, here’s the little problem. The sales assistant gave me the WRONG colour i wanted. This bag comes in 2 colours, brown or white/grey checkers… Argh! Silly me for NOT checking while standing beside the counter for 10 whole minutes! Blame the excitement.

Thankfully, the receipt states ‘Exchange within 30 days’ policy, but on the other hand i’m wondering if brown’s the better selection as it’ll attract lesser attention to dirt/stains.

Oh well, i’ve got 29 days to ponder! *wink*

Search for Cheaper Flight Tickets!

Hubs and i are starting to plan our NSW holiday to visit his family again… Exciting! Due to my previous insane workload, we couldn’t do our yearly Christmas with the in-laws last year. Now that it’s June 2010, which means it’s been 16 months since we last saw family, it sure made the husband edgy and frustrated!

We’re thinking of flying in mid-Aug, away from the summer and Ramadan/fasting season, OR tolerate longer for Christmas gatherings in December… *drools*

Thing is, most airlines (MAS, SIA, Emirates) that flies direct to Sydney costs at least AED11000 in Dec (return) for 2 adults, pricey!

Anyways, i’m glad we can easily afford it, and to spend this much travelling once within 2 years, it’s definitely worthwhile seeing loved ones!

Ooh, can’t wait to scout more on the prices and splurge!!

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