Dubai #141: 18 Months Crawled By

Time crawled by for us since we stepped foot onto Dubai. Experiencing it’s ups and downs on both my career and life in general was, somewhat challenging in an upbeat way.

Firstly, the necessity to learn and adjust to another’s culture and their behaviours can be awkward initially, but interesting at the same time.
A chunk of my site-supervision job scope is to coordinate with contractors and Engineers of different nationalities/ races. Back home, it was either Chinese, Malays, Indians or Indonesians. Over here, i had to communicate with various citizens from Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Iraq, Syria, Philipines, Britain, Morocco… Basically the ‘entire’ globe working together to complete this relatively large project!

If you didn’t already know, Dubai is a city filled with expats of numerous countries. Therefore it is vastly common to discuss/ chat/ dine/ work with professionals coming from different parts of the world. Career exposure-worthy indeed, I’m SO thankful for!

Secondly, as of last Sept 2009, the husband has been working amazingly well in his field with an European company, a fruitful pay package/ benefits, an understanding Danish boss and the flexiblity to express his creative ideas anytime. A dream job he always craved. Mmmm… Blessings in such times like this…

And lastly, being able to enjoy married life in this bling city, alone, has increased our love and trust in each other to the next level. Yes, i’m happily married to a humble, un-flashy, steady man!

In fact, i’m happy to repeat how I’m loving our blessed, favoured -not overly wealthy- life… To some point of not wanting to leave Dubai anytime soon.

Here’s a note to self, every circumstance/ trial happens -In God’s timing- for a reason, and having walked through them with Godly wisdom and faith, i can’t help but praise Him deeper!

Just Random Me

Here i am posing happy about our upsy-daisy life in recent years. Blissful in ways i casually imagined, hopeful thoughts, treasured memories of the many subtle blessings that bloomed our circumstances -for the better- and, thinking out loud about kids and all that.


Btw, here’s an updated photo of my new hair-cut! Loving the short bangs all over again…

Oh My Head Hurts!

With so much recent drama at work, i couldn’t help feeling brain heavy!

I’m glad weekend is here, which helps -at the least- to reduce unecessary fretting and concerns. Hmmph…
I seriously hope this dramatic episode sorts itself out next week or so.

Oh, here’s today’s weather news:
Hot and heaty at 46 degrees (real feel) This increasing heat is suppose to start in July, NOT June! Tooo soon…

Why I Crave Saturdays

Now that we get to chill out together much more during Saturday mornings… Reading the local paper, deep discussions about everythings and sipping our fave Cappuccino and English Breakfast Tea! Aaah… I always want my work weeks to swoosh by instantly!


But here’s an honest dilemma.
I’m still under the uncertainty mode of what’s tomorrow may be.

So, enjoying what we have, is the best thing to do!

Dubai EatOuts #138: DUCK KING (I)

Duck has always been my favourite bird… Roasted, barbequed, fried, it’s all my likes! Unlike here, roasted duck rice/ noodles are popular among Malaysians and can be found almost anywhere, hawker centres, restaurants/ foodcourts in the malls…

Duck King‘s layout in Mirdif City Centre is more casual compared to it’s main branch located in Jumeirah. Similar menus, chinese cooks and waitresses. Quality interior and ambience, as usual.
Been here three times, and so far, am happy with their portions, tastiness and service.
Their menu ranges from Dim Sums, dry/soup noodles, seafood and many more chinese-styled dishes!

We ordered:
1 BBQ Char Siew Noodles (Dry)
1 BBQ Roasted Duck Rice
1 Ice Peach Tea
1 Cappuccino
1 Siew Mai (Dim Sum)
Total bill = Dhs 120. Burpily Affordable!

Duck is considered an expensive cuisine here, i mumble grumbled paying this much when i can have them easily for RM5-10 per plate of duck rice back home. Bah!

Their Dim Sum’s the best i’ve tried by far. Juicy, solid fillings and delicious! Looking forward to return and taste their Dim Sum varities.
Oh and the best part is i get to order my food in Mandarin! Well, mostly English and quarter Mandarin actually.

Duck King
Location: Mirdif City Centre

Dubai EatOuts #135: HotPot/ Steamboat

Back in KL, having steamboat for dinner was common, and can be found almost anywhere, by the streets, restaurants, malls…

Here in UAE, it’s a RARE find (or maybe i haven’t searched enough). Been here for nearly 17 months, the one place i tend to have them is at a nearby mini kiosk in a rundown mall down the street. Owned by a Chinese, it’s labelled ‘hotpot’ instead of steamboat. Not sure why, but perhaps a better description for non-asian expats.

IMO, it tasted average, the soup seemed tasteless but healthy. 

Hmm… For Dhs35 (cheap!), better than no hotpot at all *wink*


As you can see, similar varieties to any steamboat in KL, EXCEPT the TINY pot!! Stuffing in as many ingredients was difficult, therefore needing at least 4 rounds to fill myself up! Grrr…

Btw, i managed to search for another steamboat place in Deira (while googling), so i hope to check it out this weekend or next.

Dubai EatOuts #133: MANGO TREE

I was feeling spendthrift on food and decided to try the newly opened Thai restaurant in Mirdif City Centre. This Mango Tree eatery is the smaller version of the pricier branch in Souk Al Bahar.
As usual, i am always intrigued by the interior, food presentation and their customer service.

Photos below:


Here’s my review:

Ambience: Sleek and Cosy
Food: Overall 6/10.
The Pad Thai noodles was a disappointment, too salty and oily. Spring rolls was delicious! Sweet & Sour chicken was average.
Price: Expensive!

Honestly, being Asian, i had tasted better Thai cuisine back in Kuala Lumpur, to pay Dhs147 for such quality will be my last, UNLESS this is the only Thai restaurant around.
I’m not surprised if they silently charged the sleek interior into our bills!

Mango Tree Bistro
Location: Mirdif City Centre (Mirdif)

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