My Own Domain

My webby-smart husband is working on transferring my current blog posts/theme to my very own domain soon!

Will be posting my new website once it’s all exported!

As of now I’ll be posting using the new site below:

3D Sketches: The Bathroom (1)

One of my must-haves in my future bathroom, is a full-height glass shower cubicle!


It doesn’t have to be frosted… Crisp clear will do.

3D Sketches: The Living Room (2)

Okay i quickly sketched another living room randomly without thinking in depth about funtionality and it’s purpose.


One: Placing a cabinet high up isn’t an advantage to those who aren’t tall. And it does look tacky fitted into a sleek showcase wall unit.
Two: There’s still space for a typical furniture (ie.chair/ottoman).

Oh dear.

That’s what happens when i’m all excited sketching out ideas…

3D Sketches: The Living Room (1)

I surprised myself with a few crisp ‘Living Room’ concepts today. Maybe because weekend is around the corner…

Among my many favourites, i personally liked modern Balinese interiors, with lesser woody feeling/ finishes involved…
The sketch below highlights (in red) selections of tasteful teak furnitures, a neutral-coloured leisure sofa and, voila!


My much-loved dream living space!

3D Sketches- Kitchen Ideas (3)

Not having much thoughts dressing up your tiny kitchen space?

Fret not! Plenty of space saving ideas can be found in home magazines/ books.

Here’s my idea to enjoy some cooking and food loving, a table for two, mini stove and a tall vertical cabinet-  for storage purposes- helps save the already cramped room.

3D Sketches- Kitchen Ideas (2)

Happy Thursday people! Soaked into the weekend mode, i sketched a more higher-end design. More cabinet space, granite counter top, branded quality sinks and an electrical stove!


Yes, monies can buy anyone a lush kitchen… And this idea, will be filed under my ‘big budget’ category.

3D Sketches- Kitchen Ideas (1)

Here i am at it again, sketching out loud my dream kitchen, paper after paper…


Neat lines, clutter-free and maintenance friendly are my wants in a kitchen, haven’t really thought about the colour scheme though.

Maybe neutral with a dash of red??

Many more ideas coming up!

Sketching Days I Miss…

I think the last i held my fave Artline pen sketching away, was a year ago. Since being in my current job, producing modern and practical interior designs are not required of me, it’s mostly technical drawings -using Autocad software- and actively running the site supervising.

Yes, i missed those sketching days… It made me wonder if i’ve forgotten how to. You see, a year of sketch-less days (for me) tends to cause trendy ideas to go rusty!
As a designer, one has to constantly practice his/her sketches, read and absorb updated interior books/ magazines, who’s and what’s popular in the Interior Design world, attend exhibitions to further increase his/her knowledge and more.

Well you’ve guessed it. I havent been doing the above for nearly 2 years! So, the mouldy designer – me – began her practicing by sketching up some bathroom designs yesterday.


Oh dear, rusty indeed!

FYI, i rarely do residential designs, in my 8 years as an Interior Designer, i’ve always been exposed to commercial/retails/offices projects and i’m still liking it so far. I (IMO) find commercial spaces far more interesting to play around with.

The ONE time i will focus working on a residential project is designing my own home, someday. The joy of picking out fabrics, colours, themes… In my own sweet time…


It will cost me ALOT of monies to build this dream!
Hmm… mayhaps this will be one of my many retirement plans.

Dubai #2: Workload Begins

Was welcomed with cold winter winds… brrr! Colder than genting, being 22 deg in the morning and 14 deg at night, it’s no wonder my nose is feeling runny.

First day at work was alright, met new pol, shook many hello hands, knew more about local culture. Accomodation is pleasant despite minimal furnishings… So long a dryer and washing machine is provided plus located near to the city, I’m happy!

I was somewhat prepared to work back late… Was given pile of drawings at 4pm and was told it was to due yesterday… Nice!
Work aside.
The whole time I just can’t get my eyes off those creative skyscrapers, my first to drool at reknown architect’s live work is so dreamland! My first to see so much construction at one glance, many had at least 8 large cranes per site! A city filled with very ambitious large scale construction indeed.

Sleepy now, bedtime. Will write more sometime.

Dates are Confirmed

Pertaining to our flight (We’re flying Gulf Airways) to Dubai.
Received an email today – After a long wait- Stating we’ll be flying on 17th Jan, that means it’s one day before i commence work… Hmph! It just means there’s no way i’m (As a first timer) free enough to explore Dubai as a pre- warm up. Oh well, i wouldn’t dare demand much, especially when you’re employed with high expectations to perform well.

Now that we know when we’re flying off, we can sit back and plan our next move.

Praise the LORD for his continous favour and guidance, especially in stressful times like this.

Juice it Up!

Check out this super sleek packaging!!


There’s more…

It comes in different organic flavours too!
Such brilliant design!

So drink up your juice in style!

My Dream Gadget

I don’t own the trendiest phone.
I don’t own the slimmest digital camera.
I don’t own a high-techy MP3.
I don’t own the ever-popular Ipod.
I don’t own a PS1,2,3 or 4? Erm… Not sure if there’s a 4th edition.
I don’t own a Nintendo handheld game.
I don’t own a laptop.

I guess i’m the rare ones out there compared to the world’s population. Heh!

BUT! Something caught my eye and i haven’t stopped drooling since! Can you take a guess?

Well… It’s the IPHONE!!

How can anyone resist this slim yet stylish yet fashionable temptation?
I thought i could but just couldn’t! *Drools*

As far as price is concern, yup it’s about RM1000 plus or maybe more, something that even if i could afford, i’ll still think thrice!

My take on latest must-haves gadgets?
Splurge if it is a NEED! 🙂 

*Original image by Apple website. Modification by Elaine.

Freelancing Work

Here are some 3D works using 3D Studio Max software:


It’s been a while since i last touch the software, been busy with other Architectural programmes that my 3D skills is starting to fade.
Am all motivated now to refresh my skills and maybe do some freelancing again. Though such designs takes hours after hours, it somewhat gives me a sense of control and contentment 🙂

Eventhough i’ve had bad experiences with clients (Especially Malaysian clients) who didn’t pay up despite knowing very well it’s NOT done for free! Argh!! But i’m still fond of taking my time to draw it up, and after these experiences, i made sure i ask for 30% deposit upfront before even starting! How silly i was, being oh-so-trusting and all… hmmph!

So if anyone of you are looking for freelancers (3D visualizers) on residential, retail, exhibition, events or offices projects, nudge me!