Upcoming House Hopping(s)?

Weeks ago, Hubs and I had an interesting snuggly conversation about our recent thoughts of needing to house hop (like 3 times at least) before leading up to our permanent long-term home in New South Wales (Aust).
IF our plan Amazing doesn’t work out as prayed and hoped, plan Backup should smoothen our predictable cosy life here, and if all fails… Migrating back to Oz – to settle down permanently – earlier would suit us best, unless our careers takes either one of us away again.

Sigh, the thought of moving about so much beforehand, can be quite, bothersome!

A Short-Term Housewife, Maybe??

I’ve been pondering for some months now about being a housewife (short-term basis) while we’re here. The husband has been dropping suggestions that he’s happy to have me at home doing my own things, running chores, dishing up his fave foods and other wifey tasks. And even IF i chose not to, he’ll still be contented about it.

Truth is, I’m willing to settle at home for awhile… A tiny breather away from ANY work-related commitments is a definite way to cleanse those dusty brain cells of mine!

As of 2002-2010 the ambitious willful me have been – day and night, month after month -chasing my ‘perfect’ career, and it ain’t easy letting all go. Even for a short period of time. A designer’s salary range depreciates when he/she takes a break, a 6-8 months break is all it takes and you’re back to three quarters –of 8 years- years’ wages. This fact was based on my last research back in 2008. Not sure about 2010 onwards.

And of course I will miss my monthly paychecks for my own personal spending and savings. Though I have an option of either, I’m not even sure which is for the better. But I’m flattered to know that I get to stay home full-time – temporarily – whenever I choose to.

So if I lose/ resign my job any day, I’m thankful that I’ve learnt to place family/friends/church/personal life first.

Ohhh… I suddenly love how unpredictable my life is!

Dubai #141: 18 Months Crawled By

Time crawled by for us since we stepped foot onto Dubai. Experiencing it’s ups and downs on both my career and life in general was, somewhat challenging in an upbeat way.

Firstly, the necessity to learn and adjust to another’s culture and their behaviours can be awkward initially, but interesting at the same time.
A chunk of my site-supervision job scope is to coordinate with contractors and Engineers of different nationalities/ races. Back home, it was either Chinese, Malays, Indians or Indonesians. Over here, i had to communicate with various citizens from Turkey, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Iraq, Syria, Philipines, Britain, Morocco… Basically the ‘entire’ globe working together to complete this relatively large project!

If you didn’t already know, Dubai is a city filled with expats of numerous countries. Therefore it is vastly common to discuss/ chat/ dine/ work with professionals coming from different parts of the world. Career exposure-worthy indeed, I’m SO thankful for!

Secondly, as of last Sept 2009, the husband has been working amazingly well in his field with an European company, a fruitful pay package/ benefits, an understanding Danish boss and the flexiblity to express his creative ideas anytime. A dream job he always craved. Mmmm… Blessings in such times like this…

And lastly, being able to enjoy married life in this bling city, alone, has increased our love and trust in each other to the next level. Yes, i’m happily married to a humble, un-flashy, steady man!

In fact, i’m happy to repeat how I’m loving our blessed, favoured -not overly wealthy- life… To some point of not wanting to leave Dubai anytime soon.

Here’s a note to self, every circumstance/ trial happens -In God’s timing- for a reason, and having walked through them with Godly wisdom and faith, i can’t help but praise Him deeper!

Just Random Me

Here i am posing happy about our upsy-daisy life in recent years. Blissful in ways i casually imagined, hopeful thoughts, treasured memories of the many subtle blessings that bloomed our circumstances -for the better- and, thinking out loud about kids and all that.


Btw, here’s an updated photo of my new hair-cut! Loving the short bangs all over again…

The Overdued Gynae Post

Oh, for those wondering what’s the status of my last gynae visit , it turned out good. No signs of cyst, whatsoever. Clean.

As for the other troublesome check-ups… Well i’m not so bothered. However/ whatever happens, it’s for a blessed reason. *wink*

The Story of Us

I’ve been asked numerous times how I met my husband before we tied the knot.

Apart from our obvious differences, we liked what we found in each other.

Doug was already based (for 3 years) in Kuala Lumpur as a Lead Programmer (IT industry) in an Australian-linked M’sian company.
I on the other hand, was happily absorbing experiences as an Interior Designer struggling with nitty gritty projects.
Life, was busy and stressful within our own worlds.

What brought us together?
Religion and a similar interest in looking for a serious relationship. Month after month, we occasionally bumped into each another within the church, exchanged quick glimpses but barely pausing for a “hello, how are you” chat..

Until one sunny day, we coincidentally joined a group of friends for a short trip up in Cameron Highlands, and it was then, we had the time and opportunity to know each other casually.
Months passed… Our friendship blossomed, going out among friends, noticing each other more… The whisper of our beating hearts grew.

He finally asked me out on a date after a year… Just. Us. Alone!
Yes, it took us this long to be sure! I remembered being on cloud nine for weeks! Since the first, we’ve been dating for 2 years… Facing rocky challenges with tears and joy.

On a clear cool night on 3rd March ’07, he held the ring on his palm, bended on one knee and proposed! To add to this beautiful moment, we were dining at my favourite Italian restaurant too! I couldn’t help squealing  the whole night!

10 months after, we got married in the same church we had met.

So… Here i am, happily married to my first love… An honest, humble, gentle and loving geek.

While many assume we met online, does it matter if we’re the few that found love the good old-fashioned way? Surely not!!

Life is filled with sparkles in the Lord’s realm… Fabness!

Dubai #137: Shop&Buy- My First LV Bag!

The ONE pricey bag i’ve been admiring for a year… Is now mine!! 
Right after a refreshing church service, we went to Dubai Mall, walked chirpily into the LV store, pointed out the LV Neverfull PM Damier bag and… Ta-da!

Well, it’s my first BIG splurge, so do tolerate my cheery behaviour for a teeny bit…


I love how the bag could switch one size smaller by tightening the strings at both ends.

But, here’s the little problem. The sales assistant gave me the WRONG colour i wanted. This bag comes in 2 colours, brown or white/grey checkers… Argh! Silly me for NOT checking while standing beside the counter for 10 whole minutes! Blame the excitement.

Thankfully, the receipt states ‘Exchange within 30 days’ policy, but on the other hand i’m wondering if brown’s the better selection as it’ll attract lesser attention to dirt/stains.

Oh well, i’ve got 29 days to ponder! *wink*

Too Many Choices

When we’re given a plate of choices, fickle-mindedness -that leads to procrastination- creeps in, all because of waiting for the RIGHT timing to pen down a final decision. Funny how sometimes my mind and faith in life is squished within the box.
Think OUT of the box Elaine!!

I can be cautious, too cautious to stand bold on a major decision, for instance, starting a family. I ponder too much, sat on the plan for one year and has YET to make it happen. And btw, I’m 27! Eeks!
It is a scary thought to know that the big Three O is near…

Just DO IT! They’ll say…

So what am I waiting for?? Like many, things I want to achieve… Just two more items on my must-do list, then it’ll be all good. *wink*

Assurance and faith I’m blessed with, but it’s me I’ve got to convince.

Protected: Dubai #127: We’ll Be Here Longer..

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Daily Devotion Notes

The Daily Bread devotion booklet for today 2nd May 2010, reads:

(In his sermon titled “What Is the Recession For?” pastor John Piper suggests that when the economy plummets, God has His own purposes. Some of them might be:

3. To relocate the roots of our joy in His grace rather than in our goods, in His mercy rather than in our money, in His worth rather than in our wealth.)

Out of the many points, point number 3 touched deep into my soul and spirit. Good and bad times we had patiently endured, His monetary blessings for us was (and still is) always sufficient. It isn’t about what others think or notice, but the portion from the Lord that’s meant for us, matters most.
Whatever season we are in, continual trust, prayer and faith during recession times like this has humbled us in ways we do not see. Amen.

Some Thoughts Towards Where…

To settle down. Yeah, i’ve been knitting countries in my brains.
I may be the weird wife who isn’t ready to follow my husband back to his homeland in Aust. It doesn’t mean that i marry one i end up residing where he came from.
Although it is the ‘Greenest Pasture’ to many, i just don’t seem so (Personal reasons for my ears only) and i don’t have any bad experiences nor comments about Aust, it’s a great country, really! 

Why do you need to be ready? Does it take readiness to even migrate? You ask.

Answer: Of course! To me, being ready is to be somewhat prepared for unforeseen hurdles, concerns and what nots. I DO KNOW that there is no perfect readiness, but so far, many of my decisions has always been based on readiness to begin with.
I’m rarely pessimistic about life changes, when i chose to sell (just my car actually), drop everything and start anew in UAE, i was (and still is) quite prepared to face whatever music comes my way. And i’m glad to have made this crazy decision! Thank God for this courage.

But there’s something about starting fresh in Aust, maybe it’s just tiring thinking about it. Or maybe the thought of foregoing precious 8 years of  my built-up shiny career for a much lower paying job (My own research showed that the design industry is not in demand -even with foreign experiences- as compared to engineering, accounting, etc), or i just don’t feel comfortable residing permanently in Aust YET.
Holidaying there whenever we could – I hope to be as frequent because i love my in-laws to bits- is the best option for now.

I read and hear about all the delicious life stories migrants share, dream jobs, fancy lifestyles, quality healthcare and food, the BETTER country for all those who had it worse back in their home and more.
As time goes by, everywhere is just about the same, natural disasters, floods, increasing crime rate, incompetence, etc.

I guess i’m just contented and comfortable with where we are and i look forward to a greater coaster ride!

You know what? Residing back in Kuala Lumpur (M’sia) is part of our settling down plan, you can label all the bad political dramas, level of security, ineffecient customer service however you want… But, why not?! *wink*

Well, who knows what the future holds. I just can’t wait for our next adventure.

Back to Work…

My 2 weeks holiday ends tonight. And i’m still in a dazy mood overwhelmed with presence of home. Sigh…

Hubs went back to work today, i start tomorrow. In a way, it’ll help re-charge my lazy braincells to re-focus and work our remaining (9 months )journey towards our priorities.

Yep, we’re still praying that the Lord will show us WHERE we should permanently call home next year.
Anywho, life’s been good to us so far, although challenges and trials are neverending, we’ve got no complaints!

M’sia #01: Tickets and Hotel Booked!

We’re all set for this holiday!! We’ll be in KL from 3rd-13th April, the thought of relaxing by the pool, chit chatting, catching up with friends/family again, visiting the new home church, is all exciting…

Bak Kut Teh, Har Mien, Hor Fun, Nasi Lemak, mom’s cooking, fish head curry here i come!
All the must-eat home foods!! *drools*

Dubai EatOuts #114: ART Cafe

Right after church this morning, we taxied down to Festival City for a filling brunch/ brekkie by the sidewalk. The cool windy breeze -Spring is here-  made us to NOT wanting to do anything but read the paper and chat sweet nothings.


We went about window shopping after… And found myself a simple satin Dhs150 tube dress!

What I’ve Been Up To?

One. I was spending minimal precious time with my husband.
Two. Work as usual, extreme demanding milestones/weekly timelines including 2 night shifts per week.
Three. Squeezing time for church service, when possible.
Four. Catching up on lost sleep (which i’m still losing).
Five. De-stressing with Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo DS.
Six. Focusing on my new pre-pregnancy diet plan.

Still enjoying the luxury bits, especially being debt-free for 2.5 years now!

Btw, i now take interest in parenting/ pregnancy magazines.

Time to ditch those fashion/shopping mags? Nah… Not just yet.

Over A Word??

I am still saddened and shocked over the news of our home church Metrotabernacle being torched by arsonist last night! Who isn’t? News all over the local and foreign papers… Sigh!

What has happened to the high tolerance level we once had?!? Those wonderful years of peace and harmony wiped away just because of a word??!! This is something i can never understand nor bother to dig deep.

Attacking the churches over ONE commonly used word made the act immature and embrassing!

It is times like this, that we christians should pray fervently for peace and unity. Vengeance and retaliation is not for us to judge/ act. This incident has made many stronger and tougher to move forward and seek him for the much greater blessings/ plans that’s ahead of us.

Dubai #104: Anniversary Celebration at Burj Al Arab

Hubs has always been good in keeping his silence so to surprise me on special occassions, this year’s present will always be a blessed memorable one!

Having tea at the Skyview Bar in Burj Al Arab overlooking Dubai city was splendid indeed! Experiencing the high life for 3 hours was sheer bliss!

Photos below!

                    Burj Al Arab
       Interior view- Love the colours
                   The Bday Present!
            Gorgeous view from our table
       Refillable pastries/sandwiches
                     Skyview Restaurant

It didn’t cost hubs a bomb, even i, thought it was affordable to tea at a tasteful lush hotel!

Huge thanks to hubs for this lovely 2010 surprise and gift!!

A Season to be MERRY!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all readers out there! May this season bring much joy and peace!

Christmas in 3 Weeks!

In 3 weeks! How can anyone resist this gorgeous occasion, family celebrations all over world, exchanging presents with love and joy…
Malls here are sprinkled with Christmas lightings/decorations… It sure lifts up everyone’s moods!

Not being able to take long leave (due to my work). This will be our first (as a couple) Christmas away from both our families (M’sia & Aust). Two out of three years we’ve been celebrating in Aust, stuffing ourselves with delicious food filled with hearty laughters and chats. What we will miss most is spending a night at Doug’s grandparent’s home at the lake (Toronto Lake Macquarie, NSW) chatting all night about everything and anything. Not forgetting quality time with my parents and sis…

Aside from that, praising/singing excitedly over Christmas hymns/songs in my fave home church back in KL (Metrotabernacle)…. The season to focus and give our all to celebrate the Lord’s goodness, grace and mercy in our lives.

Though Christmas 2009 will be tad quiet here in Dubai, we look forward to spending quality time on our own reflecting this year’s career achievements, privileges, challenges and many more which can easily give thanks and praise!

We may do a short trip to Abu Dhabi/Oman during Christmas hols. Yet to confirm though…

Friday today! A day for housechores and pressie wrapping!

No Christmas Vacation

This Dec is my 1st year skipping Christmas vacation with/at my in-laws in Sydney…. Sigh!
All due to work and busyness, and even IF i’m allowed to take leave, it’s only 5 days (max)!! Though Doug’s boss is flexible about his holidays, i’m the one that’s stuck! Anywho, it is too short for a long distance vacation, too rush and foresee extreme tiredness.

And yes, i’m already missing MIL’s roast lamb Christmas dinners and all the goodies, pressies exchange and staying overnight at Doug’s grandparent’s by the lake… Sobs!

But i’ll be applying for Jan 2010 to attend my cousin’s wedding as well as visiting my precious parents and sis back home in KL. Hopefully this leave will be approved… No Aust but Malaysia at least! I so hope!

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