My Own Domain

My webby-smart husband is working on transferring my current blog posts/theme to my very own domain soon!

Will be posting my new website once it’s all exported!

As of now I’ll be posting using the new site below:


Hello Thursday!

Happy Thursday people! Can’t believe weekend’s tomorrow… Sorta glad this stiff week skipped by without much fuss.

I was about to snuggle into my Thursday when, the many (usual)oogling perverts dampened my cheery mood!
You walk by them, they stare, you cross the road, they oogle… Argh!!

Sadly, it’s ‘normal’ here to be stared/ oogled at wherever you go, even when I’m decently dressed! Such filthy behaviour! My guess is they have never seen an average looking woman in their life… Tragic.

Though many wouldn’t mind the stares, I SO mind! Btw, there’s a difference between a quick glimpse and oogle alright, I KNOW how to differentiate.

And I’m wondering if anyone can be sued for visual harassment??

Oh, IF only I was ‘allowed’ to stab their eyeballs from afar!

Thursdays… Aaah.

Protected: This Edgy Habit of Mine

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Dubai #93: Al Fahidi Fort Museum (II)

                       Map of Arabia- 1570 

                Decorated Powder Horn

                Deerskin made instrument

                       Water Tank- Fintas

                       Traditional Costume

Dubai #83: Dubai Metro Ride-Photos (Part II)

         Posing at the Metro station

                Financial centre station-
                Business Disctrict centre

        The main business city view- Rows of 
                 reflective skyscrapers

Earn Thru Blogging?

I do read and hear about earning monies by advertising through your own blog. The idea sounds tempting especially IF the dosh is good. I have yet to find out further details on how such schemes work. With a knowing fact that many bloggers are doing this, it must be easy to be one.

Situation is, my current free wordpress blog doesn’t allow advert banners/ ads, not even google’s. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to be a pretentious blogger cramming in sentences/ words just to link directly to relevant sellers/ advertisers… A more direct approach on promoting advertisements is so moi. And thirdly, I have no spare lengthy time to experiment this ‘money- making-thru-blogging’ realm yet!

Hmm, maybe next year. Among my few 2010 resolutions?

Dubai #72: The Process Begins

Today will be the start of an important process towards Plan A, so far the transition has been smooth. We now need to wait for the work visa transfer procedure to get moving speedily and steadily without much fuss.
In UAE there has many regulations/ laws regarding work permits, and these laws are revised occassionally/ yearly. It also solely depends on which educational/ professional category you belong to.
Despite the confusions, we are continually praying for the best, a miracle beyond our control.

Will surely elaborate more on this secretive plan when it’s all steady.

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