The Story of Us

I’ve been asked numerous times how I met my husband before we tied the knot.

Apart from our obvious differences, we liked what we found in each other.

Doug was already based (for 3 years) in Kuala Lumpur as a Lead Programmer (IT industry) in an Australian-linked M’sian company.
I on the other hand, was happily absorbing experiences as an Interior Designer struggling with nitty gritty projects.
Life, was busy and stressful within our own worlds.

What brought us together?
Religion and a similar interest in looking for a serious relationship. Month after month, we occasionally bumped into each another within the church, exchanged quick glimpses but barely pausing for a “hello, how are you” chat..

Until one sunny day, we coincidentally joined a group of friends for a short trip up in Cameron Highlands, and it was then, we had the time and opportunity to know each other casually.
Months passed… Our friendship blossomed, going out among friends, noticing each other more… The whisper of our beating hearts grew.

He finally asked me out on a date after a year… Just. Us. Alone!
Yes, it took us this long to be sure! I remembered being on cloud nine for weeks! Since the first, we’ve been dating for 2 years… Facing rocky challenges with tears and joy.

On a clear cool night on 3rd March ’07, he held the ring on his palm, bended on one knee and proposed! To add to this beautiful moment, we were dining at my favourite Italian restaurant too! I couldn’t help squealing  the whole night!

10 months after, we got married in the same church we had met.

So… Here i am, happily married to my first love… An honest, humble, gentle and loving geek.

While many assume we met online, does it matter if we’re the few that found love the good old-fashioned way? Surely not!!

Life is filled with sparkles in the Lord’s realm… Fabness!


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