Dubai EatOuts #138: DUCK KING (I)

Duck has always been my favourite bird… Roasted, barbequed, fried, it’s all my likes! Unlike here, roasted duck rice/ noodles are popular among Malaysians and can be found almost anywhere, hawker centres, restaurants/ foodcourts in the malls…

Duck King‘s layout in Mirdif City Centre is more casual compared to it’s main branch located in Jumeirah. Similar menus, chinese cooks and waitresses. Quality interior and ambience, as usual.
Been here three times, and so far, am happy with their portions, tastiness and service.
Their menu ranges from Dim Sums, dry/soup noodles, seafood and many more chinese-styled dishes!

We ordered:
1 BBQ Char Siew Noodles (Dry)
1 BBQ Roasted Duck Rice
1 Ice Peach Tea
1 Cappuccino
1 Siew Mai (Dim Sum)
Total bill = Dhs 120. Burpily Affordable!

Duck is considered an expensive cuisine here, i mumble grumbled paying this much when i can have them easily for RM5-10 per plate of duck rice back home. Bah!

Their Dim Sum’s the best i’ve tried by far. Juicy, solid fillings and delicious! Looking forward to return and taste their Dim Sum varities.
Oh and the best part is i get to order my food in Mandarin! Well, mostly English and quarter Mandarin actually.

Duck King
Location: Mirdif City Centre


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