Search for Cheaper Flight Tickets!

Hubs and i are starting to plan our NSW holiday to visit his family again… Exciting! Due to my previous insane workload, we couldn’t do our yearly Christmas with the in-laws last year. Now that it’s June 2010, which means it’s been 16 months since we last saw family, it sure made the husband edgy and frustrated!

We’re thinking of flying in mid-Aug, away from the summer and Ramadan/fasting season, OR tolerate longer for Christmas gatherings in December… *drools*

Thing is, most airlines (MAS, SIA, Emirates) that flies direct to Sydney costs at least AED11000 in Dec (return) for 2 adults, pricey!

Anyways, i’m glad we can easily afford it, and to spend this much travelling once within 2 years, it’s definitely worthwhile seeing loved ones!

Ooh, can’t wait to scout more on the prices and splurge!!


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