Dubai EatOuts #135: HotPot/ Steamboat

Back in KL, having steamboat for dinner was common, and can be found almost anywhere, by the streets, restaurants, malls…

Here in UAE, it’s a RARE find (or maybe i haven’t searched enough). Been here for nearly 17 months, the one place i tend to have them is at a nearby mini kiosk in a rundown mall down the street. Owned by a Chinese, it’s labelled ‘hotpot’ instead of steamboat. Not sure why, but perhaps a better description for non-asian expats.

IMO, it tasted average, the soup seemed tasteless but healthy. 

Hmm… For Dhs35 (cheap!), better than no hotpot at all *wink*


As you can see, similar varieties to any steamboat in KL, EXCEPT the TINY pot!! Stuffing in as many ingredients was difficult, therefore needing at least 4 rounds to fill myself up! Grrr…

Btw, i managed to search for another steamboat place in Deira (while googling), so i hope to check it out this weekend or next.


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