Being Healthy

I’m rarely conscious about my health, eating any type of foods ranging from oily burgers to salty dishes, not even bothering it’s preservatives, cholesterol or fats contents!

When i noticed my growing belly fat (or muffin top) around my tummy the past year, i couldn’t help BUT start being aware. Lately, salads are my breakfast faves, average carbo lunch and ending the day with a light dinner (less rice/ carbo/ meats). Weekends are the only days where i get to enjoy heavier meaty diets.

Just last month, grapefruits has been my new-found diet fruit, it has helped increase my metabolism, reduce constipation and indigestion. I also read that grapefruit is good for detoxing… So here i am hoping it’ll detox all those icky fats in me!

Image from Gettyimages.

Let’s see how long i can survive on this diet plan of mine. *wink*


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