Too Many Choices

When we’re given a plate of choices, fickle-mindedness -that leads to procrastination- creeps in, all because of waiting for the RIGHT timing to pen down a final decision. Funny how sometimes my mind and faith in life is squished within the box.
Think OUT of the box Elaine!!

I can be cautious, too cautious to stand bold on a major decision, for instance, starting a family. I ponder too much, sat on the plan for one year and has YET to make it happen. And btw, I’m 27! Eeks!
It is a scary thought to know that the big Three O is near…

Just DO IT! They’ll say…

So what am I waiting for?? Like many, things I want to achieve… Just two more items on my must-do list, then it’ll be all good. *wink*

Assurance and faith I’m blessed with, but it’s me I’ve got to convince.


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