Daily Devotion Notes

The Daily Bread devotion booklet for today 2nd May 2010, reads:

(In his sermon titled “What Is the Recession For?” pastor John Piper suggests that when the economy plummets, God has His own purposes. Some of them might be:

3. To relocate the roots of our joy in His grace rather than in our goods, in His mercy rather than in our money, in His worth rather than in our wealth.)

Out of the many points, point number 3 touched deep into my soul and spirit. Good and bad times we had patiently endured, His monetary blessings for us was (and still is) always sufficient. It isn’t about what others think or notice, but the portion from the Lord that’s meant for us, matters most.
Whatever season we are in, continual trust, prayer and faith during recession times like this has humbled us in ways we do not see. Amen.


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