Some Thoughts Towards Where…

To settle down. Yeah, i’ve been knitting countries in my brains.
I may be the weird wife who isn’t ready to follow my husband back to his homeland in Aust. It doesn’t mean that i marry one i end up residing where he came from.
Although it is the ‘Greenest Pasture’ to many, i just don’t seem so (Personal reasons for my ears only) and i don’t have any bad experiences nor comments about Aust, it’s a great country, really! 

Why do you need to be ready? Does it take readiness to even migrate? You ask.

Answer: Of course! To me, being ready is to be somewhat prepared for unforeseen hurdles, concerns and what nots. I DO KNOW that there is no perfect readiness, but so far, many of my decisions has always been based on readiness to begin with.
I’m rarely pessimistic about life changes, when i chose to sell (just my car actually), drop everything and start anew in UAE, i was (and still is) quite prepared to face whatever music comes my way. And i’m glad to have made this crazy decision! Thank God for this courage.

But there’s something about starting fresh in Aust, maybe it’s just tiring thinking about it. Or maybe the thought of foregoing precious 8 years of  my built-up shiny career for a much lower paying job (My own research showed that the design industry is not in demand -even with foreign experiences- as compared to engineering, accounting, etc), or i just don’t feel comfortable residing permanently in Aust YET.
Holidaying there whenever we could – I hope to be as frequent because i love my in-laws to bits- is the best option for now.

I read and hear about all the delicious life stories migrants share, dream jobs, fancy lifestyles, quality healthcare and food, the BETTER country for all those who had it worse back in their home and more.
As time goes by, everywhere is just about the same, natural disasters, floods, increasing crime rate, incompetence, etc.

I guess i’m just contented and comfortable with where we are and i look forward to a greater coaster ride!

You know what? Residing back in Kuala Lumpur (M’sia) is part of our settling down plan, you can label all the bad political dramas, level of security, ineffecient customer service however you want… But, why not?! *wink*

Well, who knows what the future holds. I just can’t wait for our next adventure.


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