Dubai EatOuts #119: NOODLE HOUSE

I’ve been have cravings for Asian food the past week, i guess it’s all because i’m flying home to Kuala Lumpur real soon!

Btw, excuse the poor Blackberry photo quality.

Noodle House in Burjuman is one of my fave asian restaurants, mainly it’s earthy timber-ish interiors and the food of course. This time round, we ordered Malaysian Lamb Curry with Steam Rice and Roasted Duck Noodles with Wantan Soup. What’s delicious was, both main course came with a complimentary tiger prawn (as in just one large prawn) salad (Thai style), i can tell it’s their way to lure customers back again.


With a soothing pot of Jasmine tea, we paid Dhs105 for this meal.

It would be worth Dhs105 IF my Roasted Duck Noodles with Wantan Soup was larger in portion! I wasn’t happy with the so-called ‘Large’ option in their menu!!

A reminder to NOT order noodle soups here. So far, the side dishes/rice meals tend to be more money’s worth.


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