Dubai #117: Hearty Breakfast + Shopping

On our third visit to Colours Cafe today, at Deira City Centre, we decided to try out their buffet breakfast for Dhs18, cheap!
As usual, all buffets always consist of scrambled eggs, bacons, baked beans, sausages, hash browns, bread and butter, juices, etc.

Here’s our hearty halal brekkie:

It was all delicious UNTIL hubs found a small piece of clear plastic in his food! Talk about ZERO quality check!

Well… We shrugged it off and was glad this particular piece wasn’t chomped down into his stomach.
Though it was tasty, obviously, it will be our first and last buffet at this place.

Right after this mini plastic episode, i took 2 hours or so shopping for jeans (my shopping list for today)… But instead, came back with a floral cardigan, nail polish, face blotter pack, glittery top and a waist belt. All items from Forever 21 and New Look.


As for jeans… I’ll put it off til next weekend.


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