Two Gadgets In a Month!

As of today, I’m officially a Blackberry Curve 8520 user! Bought it at the Virgin Megastore for about Dhs 1150. Cheapest among other series.


Being the stingy person i am, spending two techy items within the same month is nutty!
Well, for a long while… It was SUPPOSE to be JUST the canon digicam.

BUT no thanks to my 3 year-old Nokia junkie, it nearly died on me 3 days straight! This frustration made up my mind to own a Blackberry. *wink*       

          Worn-out Faithful Nokia             To                               A BB

I’m such a newbie with this, reading manuals, tutorials online and what nots. Loving it (especially the chat applications) so far!

Soaked into the Blackberry world… Eek.


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