Even I, Change, as I Get Older

As i notice my changes in behaviour, perspective in life and choices, i’m surprised at how situations/ challenges and age affects my overall wellbeing.

People change for better, worse or both. I, for instance, is for both. So what changes i’ve developed recently?

Worse #One: Lower tolerance/patience level with petty, especially extreme loud & talkative inconsiderate individuals (It doesn’t refer to ALL).
Better #Two: Away from work commitments little more JUST to spend time with husband.
Better #Three: Putting future family plans before career/ work.
Worse #Four: Splurging hard earned cash while/when i can.
Better #Five: Better self-discipline in my finances (Savings plan)
Better #Six: Praying for others.

Hmm, maybe i should improve the worse category…

Bah! I’m loving it!


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