Dubai #103: A Year Older and Much More

Just got back from our apartment pool deck (Level 8) to watch the launch of the tallest skyscraper Burj Dubai. Beautiful fireworks! Nope, didn’t have my camera with me.

                      Image from Gulfnews

In few hours, i’ll turn 27, and most importantly, our 2nd wedding anniversary!! In depth to this special date 5th Jan, hubs decided to have our wedding held during my birthday, it simply means DOUBLE celebration for us… Well more of HIM splurging on us!

This year it was both up and downhill ride for us, drowning problems together, sieving out our differences and remembering to give in and forgive at ALL times.

As for my age, well… A year older is no whiner, still enjoying the before-you-hit-30-phase  and loving the blessings/opportunities that’s poured in my life.

Look forward to my secret birthday lunch and present from hubs!


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