It’s Throat Infection

the doctor says.
Doesn’t sound serious to many, but it is to me, having to suffer most nights (for one week) coughing and swallowing down the sorest throat i’ve ever had! And i RARELY inhale so much dust/dirt in my whole 26 years on earth…  Spending 9 months daily(at least 7 hours) in this construction warzone says alot about throat infection and it’s after affects.
What’s worse, is being freaked out at the dark army green phlegm (first time) out of my mouth!

Main cause? Long hours at the construction site is enough to kill any human throat, really. Wearing the safety mask don’t help much, so yeah, the consequences of working in the construction industry is staring right at me.

Key advice to myself: No more heavy construction after this project. The longer i’m willing to do this, the shorter my health. Honestly.

For now, more tolerance and additional meds to consume… Sigh!!


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