Christmas in 3 Weeks!

In 3 weeks! How can anyone resist this gorgeous occasion, family celebrations all over world, exchanging presents with love and joy…
Malls here are sprinkled with Christmas lightings/decorations… It sure lifts up everyone’s moods!

Not being able to take long leave (due to my work). This will be our first (as a couple) Christmas away from both our families (M’sia & Aust). Two out of three years we’ve been celebrating in Aust, stuffing ourselves with delicious food filled with hearty laughters and chats. What we will miss most is spending a night at Doug’s grandparent’s home at the lake (Toronto Lake Macquarie, NSW) chatting all night about everything and anything. Not forgetting quality time with my parents and sis…

Aside from that, praising/singing excitedly over Christmas hymns/songs in my fave home church back in KL (Metrotabernacle)…. The season to focus and give our all to celebrate the Lord’s goodness, grace and mercy in our lives.

Though Christmas 2009 will be tad quiet here in Dubai, we look forward to spending quality time on our own reflecting this year’s career achievements, privileges, challenges and many more which can easily give thanks and praise!

We may do a short trip to Abu Dhabi/Oman during Christmas hols. Yet to confirm though…

Friday today! A day for housechores and pressie wrapping!


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