Dubai EatOuts #99: FUDDRUCKERS

(Late post)

During the Eid public holidays, we decided to -yet again- fill our time shopping at Dubai Festival City Mall. Hubs loves his burger meals, so whilst browsing, we strolled towards FuddRuckers for a comforting lunch.

Food photos below:

     Quiet & cosy sidewalk view from our rest.

Away from the bustling city noises was lovely! This cosy quiet brunch outdoors totally soaked us -More of I- from the work stress.

2 hours after much window shopping, we stopped by at Caffe Nero for a chill moment… Enjoyed the interior!
Interiors here are much more appreciated and detailed here, be it cafes, boutiques, malls, retails, etc… Is a no match to KL’s designs.

          mmmm… English Breakfast Tea


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