Dubai #96: Fun Weekend!

Fun because i enjoyed ice-skating with hubs for 2 hours in DubaiMall. Entrance fee including skate hire cost us Dhs100 (2 pax), cheap! After being in UAE for months, i finally agreed to hub’s constant nagging to skate with him… Yep, he’s a much better skater than i am.

The skating activity went well, fell on my butt only once (yay to my balancing skill)… Surrounded with young kids/ adults skating confidently made me felt tad embarassed, an average learner i sure was. But hey! Hubs commented (with a wide smile) i did well as a beginner, which i thought so too. He was very encouraging and patient the whole time. Love him to bits!

Fun friday photos below:

             Ice-Skating Rink – Dubai Mall

Our brunch, which consists of sandwiches, and my must-have morning ‘English Breakfast’ tea, to satisfy our tummies:


Our tea-break session after at Shakespeare & Co.:


                Green Tea and Cappuccino= Soothing

Tallest fountain in Dubai @ Dubai Mall:


              Burj Khalifah- Night View

To not think about work, enjoy and spend any weekend without boundaries is bliss! Life is gorgeous!


Dubai #95: UAE Public Holidays

A long Eid weekend holiday in UAE too. I was super glad for this as it purely means no work but rest, rest and more rest. Before i could leap with hooray… Was called back to work.

I just got home and at the same time my weary eyeballs are showing signs of dehydration! Argh.

Was a good day overall at work i would say, but lack of sleep doesn’t do me much good recently.

At least tomorrow, i get to enjoy some me time. Maybe more shopping therapy tomorrow…


Dubai #94: Winter is Here

Light rainfall in some parts of UAE, as mentioned in the local weather news. Base on this first rainfall today, it means winter is here!

The first of the North Westerly cold draughts. Cooler days ahead. Temperature will drop in the next few days. *beams*


Dubai #93: Al Fahidi Fort Museum (III)

             Tools used for Pearl Diving

         Bone Whistle ( love this detail)

             Stamps (Adore the cuteness!)

                     Facade of the exterior


Dubai #93: Al Fahidi Fort Museum (II)

                       Map of Arabia- 1570 

                Decorated Powder Horn

                Deerskin made instrument

                       Water Tank- Fintas

                       Traditional Costume

Dubai #93: Al Fahidi Fort Museum (I)

After residing in UAE for 10 months, i finally had mini time to do some touristy activity, which i couldn’t ignore. Al Fahidi Fort Museum (in Bur Dubai) was the tourist spot we chose today.
It’s lcoation is very close by to where we live, just a 5-8 mins taxi ride (Dhs 8).

Photos below:



         Primitive House: Window

 Al Manama: Bed for sleeping outdoors
during summer


Dubai #92: Weekend!

Yet another weekend. Had a tedious week as usual, working 11-13 hours daily is never a luxury!

Woke up late today due to yesterday’s late night (11pm) movie date with hubs, 2012 the movie was indeed visually dramatic, but was well scripted.

After some power sleep, headed to Dubai Mall for a scrumptious Asian lunch at NoodleFactory, hubs had Indonesian Nasi Goreng,  i selected Malaysian Chah Kway Teow and vege spring rolls to share. Yep, you read it right, those were the exact words spelled in their menu. And the food tasted quite close to Malaysia’s nasi goreng and kway teow, the only difference, it’s served in an upmarket restaurant.
Food photos below:


                                               Vege Spring Rolls

                                                 Indo Nasi Goreng

                                    Malaysian Char Kway Teow

Total bill came up to Dhs 130 including one cappuccino and a soft drink. This restaurant will now be our faves for an Asian dine-in!

Walked around the mall right after… Bought myself 3 tops, a short dress (total Dhs 99) and a Versace Perfume. Was glad the clothes were on a yummy discount!


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