Needful Shopping

Needful shopping just means shopping for items I need, splurging with necessity.
Other than the needful I was very tempted to dish out on a camera/ hand held PSP or Nintendo DS, though I’m not a huge games fan but it began when I saw how a friend played it with style, a year ago! Fell in love with games such as Super Mario and cooking mama.

Anywho… My shopping list for today:
– Dermalogica milk cleanser (Dhs 125)
– Gucci ‘envy me’ perfume (Dhs 160)
– Jeans from New Look (Dhs 60)
– Concealer from Bourjois (Dhs 70)

Next up gadget hunting…


Dubai #84: Friday!

Another weekend is here! And it’s October! Cheers to that! Time fast forwarded as of Sept, though hectic but it is of great relief to know year-end is near.

We may skip heading back to Aust for Christmas this year, mostly due to Doug’s new job and mine (taking leave isn’t as easy), terribly missing both our families! But we hope to head back for CNY or early next year to KL. Plans can only be confirmed by Dec.

Thought of splurging on a gadgety item or a fashionable bag this month, new phone, hand held game, camera, coach bag or sunnies… Oh well, shall decide later.