Human Towards Human

People who are nasty/ cruel/ mean towards another being, has many reasons to continually do so.

One. It’s their only way to survive in their bad/ good/ stressful situation.
Two. Comfort zone is tough to get rid of.
Three. Their upbringing caused them to behave cold-heartedly.
Four. Pressured to gain favour or praise.
Five. Craves for a superior/ leader’s attention.
Six. Their only option to be where they are now… Rich and pampered.
Seven. Jealousy/ envy speaks through actions.
Eight. Competitiveness pushed them to win and be recognized.
Nine. Money mindedness, workaholics, ambition can cause one to ignore their basic compassion/ sympathy/ empathy towards another.
Ten. Power crazy.

I’ve encountered many above in my 7.5 years of working life, and I am so very glad to refrain from absorbing those negative cold traits into my healthy soul/ flesh.
I can be cold at times, but hurting others without putting your mind or heart to it is painful!
As a recipient to such nastiness, is a huge turn off!

Other than the above, who would choose to have their flesh/ spirit rotting away… sloowly?
Surely not me!


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