Dubai #83: Dubai Metro Ride-Photos

Here are some random photos of the Metro train ride we took last weekend, will upload the remaining soon.

       Burjuman Station – Starting point

                     Burjuman Station- 
         Glowing jellyfish pendant light

                   View of Dubai Marina Mall

         Nol silver card/ticket- rechargeable

                    Burj Al Arab view from afar

            The tallest skyscraper in the world- 
                              Burj Dubai


Do do doo dum…

*sings* Blessings in the air… Everywhere I look around…

This new breakthrough has indeed brought us much aware and be grateful with what lies in front of us now. Seeing in believable when answers floods into our lives in time of need!

The best has yet to come, has arrived!

Human Towards Human

People who are nasty/ cruel/ mean towards another being, has many reasons to continually do so.

One. It’s their only way to survive in their bad/ good/ stressful situation.
Two. Comfort zone is tough to get rid of.
Three. Their upbringing caused them to behave cold-heartedly.
Four. Pressured to gain favour or praise.
Five. Craves for a superior/ leader’s attention.
Six. Their only option to be where they are now… Rich and pampered.
Seven. Jealousy/ envy speaks through actions.
Eight. Competitiveness pushed them to win and be recognized.
Nine. Money mindedness, workaholics, ambition can cause one to ignore their basic compassion/ sympathy/ empathy towards another.
Ten. Power crazy.

I’ve encountered many above in my 7.5 years of working life, and I am so very glad to refrain from absorbing those negative cold traits into my healthy soul/ flesh.
I can be cold at times, but hurting others without putting your mind or heart to it is painful!
As a recipient to such nastiness, is a huge turn off!

Other than the above, who would choose to have their flesh/ spirit rotting away… sloowly?
Surely not me!

When Life Throws You Lemons…

You make lemonade. But not in my situation, most times.
Life has been grimey months ago, and recently, bitter lemons were thrown back with a smash!
It’s all sunny now, the light (i yearned) at the end of our tunnel is beginning to shine beamingly. With hubs new sparkling career, the upcoming journey ahead is crispier. May be exciting too!

But wearily, the sight of an insane labour environment is stuck onto me til my patience gradually fades off… When will that be? Soon I ask.

As I continue to pray and seek fervently, I look towards hope and joy each day. Loving what lies in front of me.

Decisions decisions.

Dubai EatOuts #82: PING PONG

I treated us to a Dim Sum tea break right after the Metro train ride yesterday, at Dubai Mall. I look forward to  Dubai Mall’s station opening soon, so to drop by often for various foods and shopping!

Ping Pong restaurant is a newly opened Dim Sum place with a warm and comfy setting, a great place to just chill with your loved ones, over some dumplings.
I was impressed with their lush interior, decor and of course quality service. Being an upper-end restaurant, i had high expectations on their food quality too… But, turned out tad disappointed. Had way better authentic chinese Dim Sums back home in Kuala Lumpur, can’t blame my tongue wagging with remarks. Dim Sum without pork, is just… Incomplete.
I wouldn’t say it’s undelish, but it would be heaps yummier if those dumplings weren’t dry and hard. But i DID like the duck salad (not part of the Dim Sum menu) alot!
Food photos shall speak for itself:

             Still water looking pricey

                       The lush interior

 Ordered 5 baskets of Dim Sums (Dumplings)

   Tiny vege spring rolls & yummy duck salad

The total bill came up to about Dhs 150, the fancy labelled still water ONLY cost us Dhs 5! Cheap! 
To spend Dhs 150 for 5 baskets of mini dumplings (Dhs 20 per basket), 1 duck salad, 1 large water, sticky rice and spring rolls is considered affordable. Mind you, Dim Sums here in Dubai are considered international cuisines, therefore paying at least Dhs 100 is a norm. Not to forget 10% service charge.

It was a burpy tea break afterall…

Location: Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Level
Website:  (If you’re interested)

Dubai #81: Dubai Metro

It’s still Eid public holiday for Doug and I, therefore taking this rare holiday to check out the newly launched Metro!
Had a good smooth – somewhat packed with curious locals/ expats- train ride! The interiors at every station’s unique and spacious, helpful customer services at every corner, ticket counters were effecient, etc. Except, the unorganized queuing system at the Nakheel Harbour station (last stop) and repeated background music that drove me a headache!
Being only just a week point five old, it’s still impressive. Plenty of calender room to improve the minor grunts from the public like me.

What I enjoyed most was the city view during the journey, famous landmarks like Burj Dubai upclose (world’s tallest skyscraper) and Burj Al Arab from afar and of course rows of skyscrapers.
A cheap and convenient way to browse Dubai in a quick ride.

Photos to be uploaded soon.

Earn Thru Blogging?

I do read and hear about earning monies by advertising through your own blog. The idea sounds tempting especially IF the dosh is good. I have yet to find out further details on how such schemes work. With a knowing fact that many bloggers are doing this, it must be easy to be one.

Situation is, my current free wordpress blog doesn’t allow advert banners/ ads, not even google’s. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to be a pretentious blogger cramming in sentences/ words just to link directly to relevant sellers/ advertisers… A more direct approach on promoting advertisements is so moi. And thirdly, I have no spare lengthy time to experiment this ‘money- making-thru-blogging’ realm yet!

Hmm, maybe next year. Among my few 2010 resolutions?

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