Dubai #76: Emirates ID

Today was my appointment (among 50 others) to apply for this compulsory emirates ID card for all expats. As my company’s client opened up this booth just for us employees, it’s alot easier than to be standing for hours in a long queue, as quoted by many who’d previously applied.

The process was relatively quick.
Fill in the pre-registeration form (by the officer), take a number and wait for your turn. Walk over to the ‘Female only’ counter, wait while she processes your passport and keying in personal details.
Next, place all your fingers (each hand) onto the scanner, your thumb and then lastly, your palm. Yes, they require every line of your hand/ fingerprint in their records.
Next, straighten your head and posture for a photo session and finally pay a fee of Dhs320 (including ID card delivery). The fee depends on the number of visa years, mine expires 2012, at Dhs100 per year, it adds up to 3 years = Dhs300.

Well, glad it only took 15 mins to get it done. Now is to wait for the ID card…


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