Dubai #74: Ramadan Dos & Don’ts in UAE

DON’T dance or sing in public at any time. Most major nightclubs will be shut, but bars will generally be open after 7pm. There is also no live music.
DON’T smoke, drink, chew gum or eat in public during fasting hours, even in your car. It’s seen as offensive, and could get you jailed or fined.
DON’T swear in public. It is considered insulting.
DON’T play loud music at any time in your car, on the beach or even at home.
DON’T wear revealing or tight clothes in public. This includes heading for a night out.


This is my first time encountering strict rules during Ramadan, being born a Malaysian, it’s not easy for a non-muslim like me to adapt. But on the hindside it is surely a great way to self-control the above. Back home, eating in public, etc was never a problem, the tolerance was superb, so long we don’t delibrately tempt our Muslim friends/ colleagues.

There are 2 Don’ts which i will have an issue adapting, the eating/ drinking and wearing tight clothes rule. With this extreme 40+ degrees summer, it quite tough to not avoid wearing at least a short sleeve tee.
I have yet to find out if some restaurants are opened during weekends to allow us to at least munch on some desserts or lunch while shopping. Maybe they’ll screen off customers away from the public or something.
Most restaurants are opened for home deliveries and take-aways.

More home meals and eating indoors for next few weeks…

Next up is to find out if we are allowed to enjoy popcorn while heading to the cinemas.
Anywho, as expats in this land not of our own, it is best to avoid trouble upon ourselves.

Oh! And i get lesser working hours as of tomorrow. Yay to this! But it’s just 2 hours lesser than my usual 10hrs! Hmm, better than no cut back at all…


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