Dubai #66: Mandarin and I

The mandarin language was never my parents mother tongue. I was the only one (among us) that could speak and write during my primary school years (span of 4-5 years)  in Singapore.
Why was i there? Well, it was my dad’s decision to relocate us as a family -when i was 6 years of age- for his job purposes.

Dad enrolled me into a top ten girls’ school, and being top 10, it was uber stressful and overwhelming for me as a newbie. The pressure to score well in that school was just insane! Despite some stressful memories, i’m glad to have picked up Mandarin quite easily, i can’t say i was a perfect student in speaking and writing, but knowing some conversational sentences while growing up was good enough! As years go by, my spoken and written Mandarin faded because i barely practiced with anyone who knew.

Now in my current job site, being able to re-converse and practice with some colleagues and Chinese (Beijing) labourers/ engineers fluently for at least few mins… Motivates me!

As for reading, it faded too… Basic characters is what i can only remember… Sigh.
But hey, i’m still happy about gaining back my spoken Mandarin!


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