Going Ons in the World

You read about terrorism, fearless bombers just about every month, abusive parents/adults, incest, religious attacks, massive heartless murders…
It saddens my heart.
What has the world gotten themsleves into?!
Every cruel act has a motive/ intention/ insecurity behind, jealousy, injustice, envy always play a part in these acts.

I’m not perfect and I dare not say I am ever, but as I keep reading, hearing about such dark news I wonder about our future generation. My children’s children, how are they going to cope the darkest moments to come. With the present worse state, just imagine how devastating any human can endure the pains of the tomorrow world?
Yes, I’m partially worried… Something that most would suggest it’s silly.

I turn to my faith often, praying for hope around destructive nations. At times, my heart cry out to those suffering much worse than I. It never failed to humble my heart… Not daring to complain about our lacks and wants, I tend to remind myself. It’s surely difficult to do i have to admit.

Trusting in HIM is what I will never give up!


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