Dubai: #57: ID Registeration for Expats

Locals and expats (professionals, labourers with work visas) are now required to register for this ID card, this new law was stated early last year with numerous datelines. The recent final dateline to obtain this ID is by Dec 2009, or else a fine will be imposed to those who didn’t. I registered online 3 months back but somehow rather misplaced it (after i printed a copy for further registeration) and was wondering initially if it was compulsory as most expats here don’t reside here for more than 2-3 years.

For added info, this Emirates electronic identity card is similar to MYKAD system in M’sia. All information in one card, ID info, banking details (acts as an ATM card), passport details, etc. Though it is useful and practical, i somewhat find it unecessary unless i’m a long-term resident or a permanent resident in this country.

Fore more info, click this site: 

I will be signing up real soon.


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