Dubai #55: Pot of Soup

After 5 plus months here in Dubai, i haven’t had much spare time to touch any cooking utensils nor stepped into the kitchen at all! It’s not just busyness but lack of extra energy was the reason, i do envy some colleagues of mine that go all out to dine indoors regularly.

I’ve been asked and teased many times about my cooking skills or am i that lazy or at least make an effort… So being sorta drained by their questions, and of course i so very miss home-cooked soups plus with recent food poisoning i needed something soupy in my diet, i took initiative to drop by the nearest supermarket and bought a medium-sized pot, chopping board, fresh veggies, chicken drumsticks and cutleries.

The idea is to cook something simple for starters: Chop up all veggies, wash the chicken and plonk it all in! My favourite ABC/ Chicken soup!

Hubs and i was so very burpy!

Not sure when i’ll be dishing another meal out, but i’m now quite keen to find ‘One-Pot Meals’ recipes. This pot cost me Dhs 72! Gotta make best use of it eh?!

If you do know any beef/ chicken stew or One-Pot Meals recipes to share, email me! Would love to make time for stewing soon.


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