Dubai #53: Trip to the Doc

I ignored my stubborness and visited the doctor right after breakfast. The nearest hospital is located in Satwa, 10 mins cab ride from home. This hospital (Belhoul European) is known for its good service and effeciency. All I had to do was register and wait (15 mins). The doctor was friendly and made extra sure I was checked thoroughly to avoid any seriousness of food poisoning.

What I didn’t want to do was taking stool samples for him, main reason was I just couldn’t bring myself (usually avoid) to stare/ check my poop and, secondly no urge to poop at that moment.
I didn’t expect the quick trip to the doc lasted me 3 hours! The 3 hours included 3 bottles of different drips saparately (inserted to my hand vein), forgot what’s the first bottle prescription, second was salt water (dehydration precaution due to current summer weather) and third was antibiotics… So basically I lied on my back for 3 hrs edgy and annoyed. But was uber glad husband came along to entertain me with his conversations and jokes.

Here in Dubai, it is usually a must to receive drips for dehydration when visiting the doctor during summer, with such high humidity, one is proned to fainting spells/ thirst that can eventually cause death if it is ignored.

As employees in my firm, we all are covered by health insurance therefore only needing to pay Dhs 50 ( inclusive of meds)

I hope there’ll be lesser toilet trips… Sigh.


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