Dubai #52: Tummy Trouble

Woke up this morning with some belly trouble and well, I thought it’ll be minor so i shrugged it off.
5 hours after, just as I was heading back to office from the site, my stomach was churning and gradually I had to run to a small corner vomiting in a cement-filled tin! No other choice really as there wasn’t a proper/ ready toilet at site. Few minutes after I knew I ate something wrong night before as I developed food poisoning symptoms!

What worry me most was reading about a number of locals dying from serious food poisoning recently… There I was shaking, took a moment to ask my office nurse for some meds to my diarrhea and bad belly.

My belly ache subsided after my toilet trips, but symptoms of fever cropped up… Sigh!
So here I am stuck in bed all clothed up typing this and of course praying it’s nothing major and fever to go away soon!

Yes, a reason to take off from work tomorrow, but knowing much to coordinate at site I’m wondering if I should stay in…

Well see how it goes…


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