Dubai #51: Sandstorms

These 2 days was one of the worst sandstorm I’ve experienced here by far. From the day I step into this city, there’ve been at least monthly sandstorms. A common weather in a desert city such as this.

For your info, sandstorms are high winds dusting up sand and dust from the ground causing low visibility and dusty sandy air all over the city. Low visibility can cause road accidents if not driven with caution and during such high winds, even buildings are hidden behind dust-filled air!
You can actually see fine sand swirling (caused by high winds) and snaking on the ground… An Interesting sight, to me that is.

I dread sandstorms because I’ll be sandy all over… My hair, clothes, skin… Especially when i’m outdoors at site!
Today was bad because I had to keep washing my dusty eyeballs!

I hope it’ll be (not just sunny) but clearer skies with low winds tomorrow.

I miss Malaysian weather already… The rainy and 36 degrees below sunshine days… Sigh.


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