Dubai #49: My Dramatic Morning

What’s the drama?

Well, it was a nice sunny Friday morning. We were all chirpy heading towards Deira City Centre for a tummy-filled American breakfast, movie after and some shopping…. Until… The taxi behind us crashed into ours! What a morning! My first to encounter such accidents. Taxi accident i’ll call it.
What’s the cause? An ignorant pedestrian crossing the main road illegally! If you didn’t know, it is a very common act among locals/ foreigners here in Dubai. Any road, may it be main roads, illegal crossings, etc, it’s all common. I guess it’s due to lack of proper pedestrian crossings. The taxi we took had to sudden stop so to avoid running the pedestrian over. That guy is a real cheeseball to do so, and of course he walked away free.
The second cause to this accident? Is the taxi tailing so close behind, and for your info, most drivers here tailgate and are more impatient compared to Malaysians!

I’m not surprised to see accident reports daily in the local papers, reports about ‘Pedestrians being run over’ is quite high. Tragic, but it’s even sadder to see people not learning from this.

Oh well, i’m glad we don’t own a car or drive, even if we’re given a chance to drive here, i’m definitely thinking thrice!

By the way, we still had delicious brekkie time chatting and laughing just about everything!


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