Dubai #37: EatOuts (Foodcourt)

Foodcourt foods at malls here are considered budget eats, portions are medium- large and mostly tasty. Meals eaten at foodcourts are at least Dhs15 ( food) per serving.

This chinese kiosk serves hot foods with wide variety of dishes on display, it comes with combo of 2 dishes (beef, chicken, vege) and rice/noodles and a free spring roll.


The above cost me Dhs27 (including bottled water), such combos ranges from Dhs 20-40 depending on type of dishes and drinks selected.
Other than street foods, foodcourts are another option where one can find affordable meals costing less than Dhs50 per pax.

        Dubai Mall spacious Foodcourt

We still enjoy the wide food selection (Italian, Mexican, Fast foods, Sandwhiches, Western, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Indian at all malls) displayed. A must to check it out if you visit the malls, it’s twice better in interior design, variety, cleanliness and spaciousness.

WEST FOODCOURT (Panda Chinese stall)
Location: Mall of the Emirates


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