Dubai #22: Foreign Labourers

Yesterday, like any usual site supervision day, i accidentally saw/ glimpsed (whilst walking down the stairs) at least 2 contractors either scratching/ fiddling their manhood and testicles (with pants on that is) or spitting! Yes, it’s gross and an unpleasant sight…
Thing is, with hundreds of male labourers on board, you can’t expect them to be well behaved first class workers, though i still fizzle and grudge at the sight of their natural male habits, can’t really blame / yell at them can i? I mean, hey! They’re being human, they still need to scratch the itch down there, pick their dustified noses, spit their phlegm and the many disgusting behaviours. Basically site or not, dubai or back home, those habits of theirs won’t change overnight. And tehy are not the sort who’ll volunteerily go to a corner to fiddle/ scratch.

So yeah, working life based at the construction site daily is a real eye opener, a visual exposure (like many) i dislike! Being the few females on site can be stretchingly challenging at times… But what i enjoy most about this work is the ability to maximise practicing my coordination skills live!