Dubai #18: Little Black Book

Yesterday, I was clearing out my suitcase when I found an A5 black book tucked beneath a stash of magazines. In it, I had written down my daily expenses for 10 months back in 2007. As i peeked, flipped the pages… A smirky smile formed, noticing a secret budget-aside just for clothes. 

Mind you, i’m never a spender on any fashion items or blings-blings, but it’s funny how i still allocate spending budget to it, and i’m talking about RM500-1000! To me it is considered a generous sum, an amount i can confidently jot down knowingly it won’t be spent.

As i took a pausing moment to recap my total self-control then, i wondered what my financial records would look like now. With no more debts to pay, creditcard-free or any financial commitments, I’d probably need a much thicker budget book to begin with.


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