Dubai #31: What Comes After A Clogged Nose?

I could feel it building up down my lungs…

With the recent news about swine flu happening in some countries, i’m now making effort to take extra care to my health. Consuming as much fruits and water (though tad late) as of today.
Although local news here reported a flu-free zone, it is still wise to take the extra precaution without overly being paranoid.

A new item to my prayer list.


Dubai #30: 41 Degrees!

Its only 2 degrees higher today and my skin felt like melted popsicle! I’m still grumbling about it… Don’t think i’ll stop till summer’s over.
The annoying bit is noticing my wrist showing visible signs of heat rash, Arghness!

You see, i don’t mind sunny 35 degrees and below, above that i rather stay indoors. With already heat exposure at site presently, there’ll be many staying in/ mall activities in the next few weeks and months to come.

For those who love extreme heat and suntanning in their bikinis, this is the country for you. Invite me not.

Dubai #29: Clogged Nose

Developed a nasty throat itch for 2 nights now which led to a runny nose last night. It’s definitely caused by the dusty site condition (workers were cutting limestone on site) 3 days continuously, and with the sudden weather change, it’s no wonder i’m sneezy.

Feeling headachy now, gonna down another panadol in few minutes. Sigh.

Dubai #28: 39 Degrees!

The heat soared to 39 degrees today. As they say, the real summer in May/ June is the worse heat yet to come, yikes!

By just standing few minutes out in the sun waiting for the site shuttle back from site, is enough to melt my skin! It feels like i’ve been blown with a hairdryer continuously… Hmm, looks like i now need to apply sunblock every morning for even deeper protection from the sun, the laziness in me to slap sunscreen becomes a must-do chore. Sigh.

Dubai #27: A Reminder…

To myself, that my focus and reason i’m residing here is towards work and work. All work no play makes me dull?
Yes and no, depends on how i see it, not based on someone else’s definition.

Despite the tiredness, it’s a doable and achievable focus. All i just need is some rest in between and i’m all driven again!

Dubai #26: He’s Home

In relation to Tuesday’s post, husband’s home from his 2 day visa transfer trip. I’m glad, he’s glad, that all went smooth with his work visa transfer application. His new work contract of  3 years will now be part of our future plans, though thoughts and ideas of settling down here is still uncertained.

Can’t afford to plan and re-plan right now… With so much workload ahead of us, the one (among many) thing that motivates us is to absorb the most out of this working experience, a deep challenge indeed. Something we both have never pathed down together before, a newbie couple in a new land. We are still grateful for all that’s been provided for us, the little and the much.. What more can we ask but trust and faith.

Liking this little adventure so far!

Dubai #25: Chocs for Brekkie

Chocolates… Is my new must-have appetizer to start my day. A warm sugary sweet craving i never had… Until recently. I believe it’s due to my site job, causing my energy dperived stomach to yelp, “Feed me sugar, feed me sweets!” every waking morning!

Have i gained weight yet?
Nope… I’m still at my usual 44kg. *Wink*

Am i food conscious?
Nope, not anytime soon, maybe when i turn 30.

Many will say it’s an unhealthy eating lifestyle, i agree but hey… I need sugar and i crave what i know my body can still afford to be fed…

The past few weeks i’ve been bagging home 3-5 different brands and types of chocolates. Yes. I hunger for you chochies!

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