Dubai #12: Traffic Congestion and More

People tell me that before the global crisis, Dubai was at their busiest, both  population and traffic.
How about now? Well, it is still congested (not as bad they say). Compare to Malaysia’s traffic, (especially during rush hours after 4.30pm) it’s no different… Even with their wide 3-5 lanes roads! The main cause to this? Increasing number of cars and their crazy driving!
How crazy? Most don’t signal, cut in without warning, honking every minute (impatience level is high here), not giving way to pedestrians, driving 1-inch near to one’s car. If you read the local news at you’ll find accident reports at least thrice a week.
Longing daily to leave work at 5-7pm is starting to wear me out, as reaching home takes 40mins (usually max. 15-20 mins) is just oh-so-tiring. Most towns in Dubai are packed, especially the older towns/ areas such as Bur Dubai, Karama, Oud Metha (due to ongoing road works).

Besides the nutty traffic, cabs here aren’t very willing parties. As per my estimation,  1 in 4 taxi drivers has this pick-their-customers attitude! So Malaysians aren’t alone facing this problem. Most taxis here (mostly around Bur Dubai) are at their pickiest… I mean it’s not as though we’re not paying for their services!

Cost of living is still expensive. When we knew that movie tickets here costs Dhs30 (RM31) each, we rather spend those dirhams on quality food.
Its only been 2 months here, and i’m still adjusting to this expensive city. So if you plan on holidaying here (for malaysians), remember to bring double of what you have budgetted to enjoy the services/ foods/ entertainment here.

It’s the weekend, and i’m work-free just for today, going to make the best out of it with husband. *wide smile*