Dubai #4: A Happy Day!

Because i received my first paycheck! Though it’s only half month, it’s still a prosperous lump sum in cash! (Cash because i’m a new employee til i opened a local bank account)
With much hard work, brain juice and late nights plonked into these 1 1/2 weeks, it’s happiness to see the reward = salary. I now look forward in receiving the full amount banked into my local (Dubai) account .*wide smile*

Despite the ongoing work stress, i’m still blessed in areas unexpected, having a supportive husband by my side is so satisfying! Reading the economy crashing daily creeps my spine, and to be contented with all i have now is been good so far. My new challenge has begun and my little mission is to excel in this.

My personal observation of Dubai so far: Crazy drivers, expensive (food, clothes, groceries are double of RM), friendly taxi service, pothole free roads and variety of brands (clothes).
To elaborate more about pricey foods here, a decent/ normal daily meal costs about Dhs 25-30 per pax, for less than that one can spend on kebabs or biryani. Other cuisines (Thai, chinese, etc) are at least Dhs 15-30 per dish! Something i have yet to get used to! With this comparison, i so appreciate Malaysian affordable foods, seriously!
For your info, both currencies RM and Dhs are about equal, so what you see on the menus is what you’re paying in RM. Yeah, ouch. So normally for those whose salary aren’t on par with the high standard of living tend to homecook their meals or eat really cheap kebabs/ local indian places (similar to mamaks).

Anywho… Is the weekend tomorrow! In Dubai, weekends are Thurs and Fridays. Can’t wait to head home and hop to bed for church tomorrow… later!


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  1. Su
    Feb 03, 2009 @ 09:02:24

    Glad to know that you are enjoying yourself and doing well in a new place 🙂 Miss you a lot. Take care girl


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