Holidays No More

Yep, we’ll be flying back to KL tomorrow, a time of emotional goodbyes with plenty of hugs and cheek kisses. Visiting in-laws once a year is just never enough, but it always helped us to look much forward to the next trip back.

Our new challenge begins the moment we land, the mini to-do list starts with needing to re-pack for dubai, booking hotel (temp stay in KL), collecting our flight tickets, buying last minute essentials (shampoo, cleanser, moisturisers, etc), double-check my portfolio (needed for references) and meeting up friends.

I rarely pack so much in my life, un-pack and re-pack 5 times (including shifting out of home) has somewhat zonked me out. Anywho i’m a task-oriented person, so it will still be easy peasy for me, minus the headache that is. No major complaints so far. *wide smile*

To realise that i havent been working for 1 1/2 months now, i’m hoping and praying to still be able to perform as well towards my new job.


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