The New Year 2009

End of 2008 and beginning of 2009 was gorgeous!  Filled with family fun, deep intellectual conversations and cosy bonding time with in-laws and relatives was sufficient! It’s moments like this that i tend to be ever so thankful for.

To backtrack, 2008 was filled with love, new trials and various challenges that made us teary together, but it was all still good. My year ended with feelings and thoughts of being car-less (sold my car) and ‘home-less’ (we no longer have a permanent/ temporary home), but best of all, debt-free! The freedom of not prisoned in with monthly bills/ instalments is a huge sigh of relief (for the moment).

What about 2009?
No idea… I’m never really a ‘set a resolution’ sorta person, always sidetracking my resolutions made me put that idea off a little. But my 2009 plan is to just flow along to what’s been in-stored for us, walking forward in faith and courage.
With this new adventure happening in 2 weeks, we will take this year It’s all in good hands so far, i still pray.

I hope to keep this blog updated as often, despite my frequent upcoming and present busyness. Well… If you do notice silence in here, it just plainly means i’m stuck with new job and errands.


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