5 Days till Aust Holiday!

Wow, it’s second week of December, with remaining 11 days till Christmas! A very quick December for many, especially me, with continuous packing and last minute errands, it flew by even quicker! I’m starting to feel anxious… Already.

Despite the anxiousness, i very much look forward to eat and more eat, chat and more chat, laugh and more laugh, socialise and more socialise with my in-laws, yes i so miss my very warm and cool in-laws,  Doug’s gandparents, cousins and his extended families… It gets more exciting to know that i’ll be meeting (first time) one of his aunt (among 3 aunts) and her 4 kids soon!

I’ll see you all in 5 days!

Excitement aside… This week was indeed a faith building blessed week for both of us! Humbled by our challenges and trials, and yes i’m still going through it, and i will continue to hang on to the-best-is-yet-to-come vision.


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